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328 pages

Dynamics modeling and loads analysis of an offshore floating wind turbine

Creator: Jason Mark Jonkman, University of Colorado at Boulder. Aerospace Engineering | 2007

From a simple free-body diagram of the drivetrain, the equation of motion is ()( )2 AeroGearGen RotorGearGen0 Drivetrain d TNT INI I dtΩΔΩ ΔΩ − = ++ = , (3-5) where TAero is the low-speed shaft aerodynamic torque, TGen is the high-speed ...

Publisher: ProQuest

About this book
The simulation tool was then applied in a preliminary loads analysis of a wind turbine supported by a barge with catenary moorings. A barge platform was chosen because of its simplicity in design, fabrication, and installation. The loads analysis aimed to characterize the dynamic response and to identify potential loads and instabilities resulting from the dynamic couplings between the turbine and the floating barge in the presence of combined wind and wave excitation. The coupling between the wind turbine response and the barge-pitch motion, in particular, produced larger extreme loads in the floating turbine than experienced by an equivalent land-based turbine. Instabilities were also found in the system.

879 pages

Mechatronic systems 2002, a proceedings volume from the 2nd IFAC conference, Berkeley, California, USA, 9-11 December 2002

Creator: M. Tomizuka, International Federation of Automatic Control | Technology & Engineering - 2003-05

In a post- transmission parallel hybrid, the electric motor is integrated into the drivetrain on the opposite side of ... The target computer loads a kernel from this disk when the target is powered. Figure 1 . Diagram of the powertrain ...

Publisher: Pergamon Pr

96 pages

Trends in vehicle design research, 1987, presented at the Winter Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Boston, Massachusetts, December 13-18, 1987

Creator: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Design Engineering Division | Technology & Engineering - 1987

1 . Schematic diagram of a drivetrain with a one pump/motor energy storage system. ACCUMULATOR Fig. 2. Schematic diagram of a drivetrain with a two pump/ motor energy storage system.

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