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106 pages

Auto Upkeep, Basic Car Care

Creator: Michael E. Gray | Education - 2003-01-01

Drivetrain Components on a Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicle CHAPTER 15 Exhaust and Emissions Contents Introduction Objectives ... Today's automobile buyers can choose between rear-wheel, front-wheel, four-wheel, or all-wheel drivetrains.

Publisher: Rolling Hills Publishing

About this book
If you own a car or are in the market for one, Auto Upkeep is the book for you! From choosing an insurance policy to performing basic maintenance and repair, Auto Upkeep present the information you need in an easy-to-follow format with detailed pictures and drawings. An accompanying CD provides review questions and hands-on activities to help you apply concepts from the text.

Study and Test to Confirm Automobile Drivetrain Components to Improve Fuel Economy

Automobiles - 1979

Study and Test to Confirm Automobile Drivetrain Components to Improve Fuel Economy: The drivetrain design process with an automatic transmission

Creator: Donald A. Hurter, Philip G. Gott, Carl A. Gottesmann | Automobiles - 1979

I. I n ion Po 1 iilillillllliililllllilllli DOT—HS—803 856 fTTiTfiITZITEqBZTfiI"" __' "' 'T _' ' '“' __'_'_ ""Sfwklparibaie"l"'“ _ i ' 'T SflmY AND TEST TO CONFIRM AUTOMOBILE DRIVETRAIN COMPONENTS TO IMPROVE FUEL ECONOMY VOLUME II, ...

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Drivetrain - Wikipedia
The drivetrain of a motor vehicle is the group of components that deliver power to the driving wheels.[1] This excludes the engine or motor that generates the power. In contrast, the powertrain is considered to include both the engine or motor and the drivetrain.

How It Works: The Drivetrain - Popular Mechanics - How ...
How It Works: The Drivetrain Whether you drive a 500-hp sports car or a 96-hp economy hatchback, all that potency under your car's or truck's hood is useless if the ...

Car Transmission and Drivetrain Systems | HowStuffWorks
The Car Transmission and Drivetrain Systems Channel explains the systems that keep an engine running at a stable RPM. Learn about transmissions and drivetrains

What is a Drivetrain? | Mister Transmission
Driveline, Drivetrain, Powertrain. Technicians sometimes refer to driveline, drivetrain and powertrain interchangeably when referring to the drivetrain system of an automobile. This can cause confusion, but in essence, all of these terms describe the same system within the vehicle.

How a Car's Drivetrain Works | The Art of Manliness
How does torque get transferred from the engine to move the car’s wheels?


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