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758 pages

Safety, Reliability and Risk Analysis, Beyond the Horizon

Creator: R.D.J.M. Steenbergen, P.H.A.J.M. van Gelder, S. Miraglia, A.C.W.M. Vrouwenvelder | Technology & Engineering - 2013-09-18

Wind turbine drivetrain components (Oyague 2 WIND TURBINE DRIVETRAIN Currently, most operating wind turbines follow a ... This model uses a 3D modeling drivetrain test stand at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in USA to ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
During the last decade there have been increasing societal concerns over sustainable developments focusing on the conservation of the environment, the welfare and safety of the individual and at the same time the optimal allocation of available natural and financial resources. As a consequence the methods of risk and reliability analysis are becoming increasingly important as decision support tools in various fields of engineering. In this book, the risk and reliability research community looks beyond the horizon. The technology we deploy to fix today’s problems is based on research that started more than two decades ago. What we are doing today should make a difference for tomorrow. Developing innovative new knowledge and applications helps engineers to better play the important role they have for society in establishing the basis for decision making. Safety, Reliability and Risk Analysis: Beyond the Horizon contains the papers presented at the 22nd European Safety and Reliability (ESREL 2013) annual conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The abstracts book (785 pages) + full paper CD-ROM (3426 pages) cover a wide range of topics for which risk analysis forms an indispensable field of knowledge to ensure sufficient safety: Uncertainty Analysis, Accident and Incident Modeling, Human Factors and Human Reliability, System Reliability, Structural Reliability, Safety in Civil Engineering, Quantitative Risk Assessment, Prognostics and System Health Management, Occupational Safety, Mathematical Methods in Reliability and Safety, and Maintenance Modeling and Applications. Applications in different industrial areas are shown: Natural Hazards, Land Transportation, Aeronautics Aerospace, Chemical and Process Industry, Critical Infrastructures, Manufacturing, Security, Nuclear Industry, Energy, Maritime Transportation, and Information Technology.

446 pages

Nutritional Care of the Patient with Gastrointestinal Disease

Creator: Alan L Buchman | Medical - 2015-08-06

Wind turbine drivetrain components (Oyague 2 WIND TURBINE DRIVETRAIN Currently, most operating wind turbines ... 3D modeling drivetrain test stand at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in USA to evaluate their results with ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
This evidence-based book serves as a clinical manual as well as a reference guide for the diagnosis and management of common nutritional issues in relation to gastrointestinal disease. Chapters cover nutrition assessment; macro- and micronutrient absorption; malabsorption; food allergies; prebiotics and dietary fiber; probiotics and intestinal microflora; nutrition and GI cancer; nutritional management of reflux; nutrition in IBS and IBD; nutrition in acute and chronic pancreatitis; enteral nutrition; parenteral nutrition; medical and endoscopic therapy of obesity; surgical therapy of obesity; pharmacologic nutrition, and nutritional counseling.

American law of products liability 3d

Creator: Russell J. Davis, Timothy E. Travers, Robert D. Hursh, Carolyn Bower | Law - 1987

Evidence demonstrated the defect in the differential caused property damage to other drivetrain components because of vibrations, while the deficient design of the truck caused the transmission casings to crack and loosen other drivetrain ...

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