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353 pages

The Unfair Advantage

Creator: Mark Donohue, Paul Van Valkenburgh | Transportation - 2000

In 1974, Donohue took a year off from driving at the height of his racing career and wrote an account of his journey from amateur to Indy 500 winner.

Publisher: Bentley Pub

About this book
In 1974 Mark Donohue took a off from year driving at the height of his racing career and wrote The Unfair Advantage, a candid and revealing book about his journey through the world of auto racing -- from amateur races in his own '57 Corvette to winning the Indy 500 in Roger Penske's McLaren M16.Yet there is nothing sensational about Donohue's story -- this is not a tale of fame and fortune, nor an expose of the scandalous off-track lives of race-car drivers. Rather Donohue presents a fascinating and focused behind-the-scenes look at how a champion driver -- who won virtually every racing class he competed in -- prepared himself and his cars to win.With characteristic modesty, Donohue is quick to attribute much of his racing success to the many "unfair advantages" he had over his competitors, such as more powerful engines, better tires, and a more professional crew. But after reading just a few chapters of his book, it becomes clear that Mark Donohue's greatest unfair advantage was his own relentless determination to build a better car and be a better driver every time he set foot on a race track.25 years after its original publication, Donohue's sons and Bentley Publishers have created a new edition of The Unfair Advantage. The new edition contains all of the original text. Expanded content includes photographs and separately appended material that fills out the Donohue story in words and pictures and provides historical context.

851 pages

Porsche, Excellence was Expected : the Complete History of the Sports and Racing Cars

Creator: Karl E. Ludvigsen | Transportation - 1977-01-01

Publisher: Automobile Quarterly

176 pages

Race Car Engineering and Mechanics

Creator: Paul Van Valkenburgh | Technology & Engineering - 2000

CD-ROM contains: DataLink DEMO v4.30.

Publisher: Penguin Group

About this book
CD-ROM contains: DataLink DEMO v4.30.

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