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How to Rebuild and Modify Your Muscle Car

Creator: Jason Scott |

Of course, any driveshaft needs good universal joints to function properly, and aftermarket companies are the best places to turn for them. ... Inland Empire Driveline Systems photo ln addition to further multiplying torque, your car's rear axle.

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(Per Inland Empire Driveline/Armando) • Have the motor/trans that will be used to know the clearances required. • Have the rad mounted. It often can be moved, but sometimes must be in a specific location (and sometimes on an angle).

Publisher: Welder Series

160 pages

Ford Mustang: How to Build and Modify 1964 1/2-1973

Creator: Frank Bohanan | Transportation - 2014-02-01

It's lighter and stronger than an OEM steel driveshaft. Here is an OEM steel driveshaft (top) from the 1968 coupe and a stronger and lighter aluminum driveshaft (bottom) from Inland Empire Driveline Services (IEDS). The original fit the C4 and ...

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
The first-generation Mustang is an enduring classic but it was built using 50-year-old technology. These cars use antiquated equipment that includes drum brakes, breaker points ignition systems, and 14-inch steel wheels. The OEM running gear is obsolete by today’s standards but all of these Mustangs can turn into high-performance street machines that can compete with late-model Mustangs. While certain special-build and high-performance models should be preserved, many common V-8 Mustangs can be transformed into high-performance cars that rival the new cars of today.  The Mustang can be upgraded and modified into a true driving machine by installing aftermarket suspension, steering, and driveline technology. Mustang expert and former Ford engineer Frank Bohanan explains how to perform simple and important bolt-on upgrades that radically increase performance. He explains the rationale and process of installing a crate engine, big high-performance brake kits, coil-over shocks, tubular A-arms, multi-link rear suspension, and many other projects that increase performance by leaps and bounds.  From mild to wild, you are shown how to upgrade each component group in the car by stages according to budget and difficulty. These components include engine, transmission, rear differential, front suspension, rear suspension, steering, chassis, electrics, interior, tires, wheels, and more. By completing these procedures and product installs, you can complete an improved street car, a high-performance street car, or a street/track-day car.  No other book provides the same level of information and instruction for transforming the first-generation Mustang into a car that performs with the best on the road today. 

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Custom driveshaft specialists offering driveline services for steel, aluminum & composite driveshafts, center support bearings, SFI Foundation certified driveshaft ...

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I'm afraid the preceding post perpetuates the popular misconception that there MUST be a driveline angle when using U-joints. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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What is the best material to use for making hollow/gun drilled CV type drive shafts, for use with a 180 hp vehicle weighing under 500kg/1100lb? Thanks.

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Home. Cad Company (505)823-9340 FAX: (505)797-0627 (24 hours) E-Mail. Webmaster. Technical Information for your Cadillac engine. The following is a short list of ...

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Racing transmissions, clutches, torque converters, and parts ... 9 Inch Warehouse Art Morrison Enterprises, Inc. — Ford 9-inch housings


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