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832 pages

Today’s Technician: Automotive Brake Systems Classroom and Shop Manual

Creator: Cliff Owen | Technology & Engineering - 2010-06-21

Identify and explain the operation of disc brake and as Identify the basic types of parking brake systems. drum brake parking ... Because the parking brakes work only on two wheels or on the driveline, much less friction surface is available for braking energy. ... This unit is a General Motors design called PowerMaster.

Publisher: Cengage Learning

187 pages

Automotive brakes

Creator: Frank C. Derato | Technology & Engineering - 1988-05

6-39. Auxiliary-drum brake components. (Delco Moraine Division of General Motors Corporation) Fig. 6-43. An internal-expanding drive-shaft parking brake. ( Chevrolet Motor Division. AUXILIARY-DRUM PARKING BRAKES ===== An auxiliary ...

Publisher: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill School Pub Co

Mitchell Domestic Light Trucks & Vans Service & Repair, 1993

Creator: Mitchell International | Jeep automobile - 1993

2) Remove drive shaft. Install parking brake drum over first rivet section of brake shoes. Insert .010" (.25 mm) shims between both shoes and drum, spaced 140- 180 degrees apart. 3) Rotate adjuster screw until no clearance exists. Remove ...

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V8S10.ORG • View topic - FORD 8.8 into a chevy S10!!
You say a machine shop changed the bolt pattern, in what way? If they spaced the studs 5 x 4.75 like gm what do you do for the drum? Also if the spring perch is .5 ...


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