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Driveline vibration in my 2002

Driveline vibration in my 2002 s10 4x4 - Bookshelf

1200 pages

The Art of Software Security Assessment, Identifying and Preventing Software Vulnerabilities

Creator: Mark Dowd, John McDonald, Justin Schuh | Computers - 2006-11-20

The Definitive Insider’s Guide to Auditing Software Security This is one of the most detailed, sophisticated, and useful guides to software security auditing ever written.

Publisher: Pearson Education

262 pages

Islam and the Making of the Nation, Kartosuwiryo and Political Islam in 20th Century Indonesia

Creator: Chiara Formichi | Political Science - 2012-06-30

A testament to the relevance of historical research in understanding contemporary politics, Islam and the Making of the Nation guides the reader through the contingencies of the past that have led to the transformation of a nationalist ...

Publisher: BRILL

928 pages

Chemistry, Structure and Dynamics

Creator: James N. Spencer, George M. Bodner, Lyman H. Rickard | Science - 2010-12-28

This text is an unbound, binder-ready edition. The Spencer text is the only text that is built on independently researched pedagogy on the best way to teach General Chemistry.

Publisher: Wiley

About this book
This text is an unbound, binder-ready edition. The Spencer text is the only text that is built on independently researched pedagogy on the best way to teach General Chemistry. Chemistry: Structure and Dynamics, 5th Edition emphasises deep understanding rather than comprehensive coverage along with a focus on the development of inquiry and reasoning skills. While most mainstream General Chemistry texts offer a breadth of content coverage, the Spencer author team, in contrast, focuses on depth and student preparation for future studies.   The fifth edition is revised in keeping with our commitment to the chemical education community and specifically the POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) Project. This text reflects two core principles, first that the concepts that are covered are fundamental building blocks for understanding chemistry and second, that the concepts should be perceived by the students as being directly applicable to their interests and careers. The authors further provide this "core" coverage using 1 of 3 models; data-driven, chemical theories and students understanding, which allows for a more concrete foundation on which students build conceptual understanding.

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