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256 pages

Four-Wheeler's Bible

Four-wheel drive vehicles - 2009

Average Front Axle Universal Joint Yield Strength Driveshaft Universal Joint Dimensions and Torque Ratings Note: This rating is for maximum continuous torque with no distortion or ill effects. An example of front-to-rear articulation disparity.

351 pages

Universal Joints and Driveshafts, Analysis, Design, Applications

Creator: Hans-Christoph Seherr-Thoss, Friedrich Schmelz, Erich Aucktor | Technology & Engineering - 2006-03-28

This work can be used as a textbook as well as a reference for practitioners, scientists, and students dealing with drive technology.

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Jeep 4X4 Performance Handbook

Creator: Jim Allen |

For example, Spicer rates their U-joints for 5,000 hours at 3,000 rpm, with a 3- degree angle at their maximum continuous torque load. ... U-JOINTS Three sizes of driveshaft U-joints are commonly used on Jeeps: 1310, 1330, and 1350.

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Universal Joint Dimensions & Parts Catalog | Machine ...
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Double Cardan Joints: Double Cardan joints are a class of joint which are designed to mostly eliminate the variation in angular velocity that plagues u-joints, thus ...

Replacing Staked U Joints - Ford F150 Forum - Community of ...
Engine & Drivetrain - Replacing Staked U Joints - Here is a how to on my 2004 FX4 SCREW. I found out that my year, and others, have "staked" u joints. After ...

Dana Spicer and AAM 4x4 Front Axles - Driveline parts for ...
Denny's Driveshafts Dana Spicer and AAM 4x4 front axle shafts parts and universal joints for 4 wheel drive Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Jeep and Scout Dana 30, Dana 44, Dana ...

Berkeley Jet Drive - U-Joint Assemblies
U-Joint Assemblies ... 1310 Spicer Bolt Pattern To Jet Pump Spline. Overall length: 7-1/2" Spline Shaft: 1-3/8"


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