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Canadian patent reporter


... for trade-mark in Canada in association with the wares covered in the application, having regard to the opponent s use of its trade-marks DRIVELINE and DRIVELINE PLUS as set out above and its registered trade-marks as set out above; ...

1200 pages

Fundamentals of Medium-Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Systems

Creator: Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC | Business & Economics - 2015-07-20

The inspection items include the engine and driveline plus greater detail checks of the braking, steering, and other chassis systems. A PM-B is performed at every oil change, while a PM-A is performed between PM-B inspections and only the ...

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

455 pages

Propulsion Systems for Hybrid Vehicles

Creator: John M. Miller | Technology & Engineering - 2004-01-01

With ABS the wheel speed sensor data must be shared with the vehicle speed sensor data in the driveline, plus accelerometer data and yaw rate data so that wheel slip can be managed via appropriate application of the service brakes and  ...

Publisher: IET

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Powertrain - Wikipedia
In a motor vehicle, the term powertrain or powerplant describes the main components that generate power and deliver it to the road surface, water, or air.


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