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792 pages

Driveline Systems of Ground Vehicles, Theory and Design

Creator: Alexandr F. Andreev, Viachaslau Kabanau, Vladimir Vantsevich | Technology & Engineering - 2010-01-29

More than 30 years of friendship and mutual work link me with Dr. Sergei I. Strigunov and Dr. Vladimir S. Voiteshonok. We studied together in the university and then worked with Dr. Lefarov. Dr. Strigunov presented the results of his studies ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
"With this book, Prof. Dr. Vantsevich brings a tremendous contribution to the field of Automotive Transmission and Driveline Engineering, including his innovative methods for optimum driveline synthesis, as well as his experience with the development of various hardware solutions, from the basic limited slip differentials to the most sophisticated mechatronic systems." —Dr.-Ing. Mircea Gradu Director, Transmission and Driveline Engineering Head, Virtual Analysis Tools Chrysler Group LLC Now that vehicles with four and more driving wheels are firmly ensconced in the consumer market, they must provide energy/fuel-saving benefits and improved operational quality including terrain mobility, traction and velocity properties, turnability, and stability of motion. A first-of-its-kind resource, Driveline Systems of Ground Vehicles: Theory and Design presents a comprehensive and analytical treatment of driveline research, design, and tests based on energy efficiency, vehicle dynamics, and operational properties requirements. This volume addresses fundamental engineering problems including how to investigate the effect of different driveline systems on the properties of vehicles and how to determined the optimal characteristics of the driveline system and its power-dividing units (PDUs) and design it for a specific vehicle to ensure high level of vehicle dynamics, energy efficiency, and performance. The authors develop an analytical apparatus for math modeling of driveline systems that can be compiled from different types of PDUs. They also introduce methodologies for the synthesis of optimal characteristics of PDUs for different types of vehicles. Structured to be useful to engineers of all levels of experience, university professors and graduate students, the book is based on the R&D projects conducted by the authors. It explores intriguing engineering dilemmas such as how to achieve higher energy and fuel efficiency by driving either all the wheels or not all the wheels, solve oversteering issues by managing wheel power distribution, and many other technical problems.

208 pages

IPDS 2006 Integrated Powertrain and Driveline Systems 2006

Creator: IMechE | Technology & Engineering - 2006-06-12

DR Therese Polito NAFEMS 2005: Modeling and analysis of a modern automatic transmission Gearbox Y Song. A Tylee-Birdshall, E Roeloffzen 'A software tool for Prediction of Planetary Gear Transmission Error', Dr Jamie Pears, Andrew ...

Publisher: Elsevier

About this book
The holistic view of powertrain development that includes engine, transmission and driveline is now well accepted. Current trends indicate an increasing range of engines and transmissions in the future with, consequently, a greater diversity of combinations. Coupled with the increasing introduction of hybrid vehicles, the scope for research, novel developments and new products is clear. This volume presents a collection of papers from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Conference Integrated Powertrain and Driveline Systems 2006 (IPDS 2006) organised by the IMechE Automobile Division. Main themes include transmissions; concept to market evolution; powertrain integration; and engine integration. Novel concepts relating, for example, to continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) and hybridization are discussed, as well as approaches to modelling and simulation.The main themes include transmissions, concept to market evolution and powertrain evolutionDiiscusses concepts relating to continuously variable transmissions and hybridization

1280 pages

Heavy Duty Truck Systems

Creator: Sean Bennett | Technology & Engineering - 2010-02-02

... 356 DR (deep ratio), 554–557 Drilling, 1096–1097 Drive and coast sides of gear teeth, 436–437 Drive axle lubrication, 711–712, 725–728 Drive axles, 696– 706, 733 Drive axle shaft configurations, 719 Drive gears, 436 Driveline angles, ...

Publisher: Cengage Learning

About this book
HEAVY DUTY TRUCK SYSTEMS, 5th EDITION is a best-selling introduction to servicing medium-and heavy-duty trucks, providing a strong foundation of content on Electricity and Electronics, Power Train, Steering and Suspension, Brakes, and Accessories Systems. The fifth edition has been updated throughout including an introduction to Eaton DM clutches and comprehensive coverage of Caterpillar's new highway vocational transmission, updates of electricity and electronics to cover new battery technology, and coverage of new FMVSS 121 (2009) stopping distance for semi-combinations.Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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