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Corvette c5 driveline cuttaway

Corvette c5 driveline cuttaway - Bookshelf

130 pages

Flying Magazine


CORVETTE. C5. The instrument panel is beautifully done, with large analog gauges. is more complicated. In normal flight the stick directs a hydraulic motor to move the entire tail plane with the ... No two-seat car used to be more admired and desired by pilots than the Chevy Corvette. ... As you can see in this cutaway, no space is wasted. doors have been present in all Corvettes, and they remain. ... A closed drivetrain tunnel adds a great deal of stiffness and opens up the cockpit.

585 pages

An Introduction to Modern Vehicle Design

Creator: Julian Happian-Smith | Design - 2001

Filling the niche between the more descriptive low level books and books which focus on specific areas of the design process, this unique volume is essential for all students of automotive engineering.

Publisher: Elsevier

526 pages

Automotive Mechatronics: Operational and Practical Issues

Creator: B. T. Fijalkowski | Technology & Engineering - 2011-03-14

This book presents operational and practical issues of automotive mechatronics with special emphasis on the heterogeneous automotive vehicle systems approach, and is intended as a graduate text as well as a reference for scientists and ...

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


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