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Chevy driveline parking brake

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272 pages

Popular Mechanics


Compared to Corvair's six-cylinder sedan (curb weight) Chevy II's four-cylinder- engined sedan weighs 175 pounds more (2545 vs. 2370) . ... Parking brake now acts — as an emergency brake should — on rear- wheels instead of drive shaft.

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TW Index Volumes 1 and 2 Combined

Creator: Jan Young |

... Haley (1950) 2/1997 38 - Brakes: Parking brake cable by Earle Haley (1942) 2/ 1984 31 - Brakes: Parking brake cable ... interchange w/ 1962 Daytona by Jim 3/ 2008 9 - Drive shaft support bearing by Dwain Grindinger 12/1984 17 (1953) Papper (1958) - Carburetor, rebuild vs. replace by Dwain 8/1984 22 Grindinger ( 1953) - Chassis interchange w/ Chevy by Dwain 4/1995 33 Grindinger (1953) - Clutch ...


640 pages

Chevy-GMC Vans, 1987-90

Creator: Chilton Book Company | Transportation - 1990-08

Chevrolet and GMC vans with manual transmissions can be push started, but this is not recommended if you value the appearance of your van. ... at speeds of less than 35 mph for distances less than 50 miles, providing that the axle, driveline and engine/transmission are normally operable. The transmission should be in Neutral, the engine off, the steering unlocked, and the parking brake released.

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Today's technologies are a world apart from the cars of a generation ago. That's why Chilton created a new breed of model-specific repair manuals -- so comprehensive they set the standard. Written in response to consumer studies, they give your customers exactly what they want and need in specific automotive information.Total Car Care provides the amateur mechanic with two essential ingredients: -- In-depth information on all systems from headlights to exhaust-- Complete, easy-to-follow, illustrated, procedural directions for disassembly, removal, replacement and reinstallationEach volume lives up to its name with total information, including: -- Photographs and illustrations throughout-- Diagnostic and troubleshooting sections throughout-- Actual wiring and vacuum diagrams-- Complete electronic controls information-- Tune-up specs and maintenance schedules-- Emissions controls data, environmental and safety information

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