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347 pages

Warnings, Instructions, and Technical Communications

Creator: George A. Peters, Barbara J. Peters | Law - 1999

For example, Bondioli and Pavesi provides information on tractor drivelines at ensohed 3.htm. The safety labels are presented in color, have the associated operator manual codes, and are available ...

Publisher: Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company

About this book
This text provides immediately useful information for design engineers, lawyers, professors and hazard communication specialists. Failure to warn and provide appropriate safety information is often alleged in product liability lawsuits, toxic tort claims, and ethical drug cases. Some allegations and supporting proof seem simple, but failure-to-warn cases can easily become complex. The counsel who proceeds on basic common sense and a case-law approach can be unpleasantly surprised, especially when expert testimony and legal arguments are not effectively rebutted because the counsel considered warning issues elemental. When you have consulted Warnings, Instructions, and Technical Communications, you will be prepared to encounter the most complex situations. You will learn how warnings are distinctive from product defects or deficiencies, and how the analysis of warnings or their absence differs from accident reconstruction.

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural engineering - 1991

Great Lakes Industry, Inc. MOBILE FLUID POWER COMPONENTS as well as drivelines and gearboxes are included in a product range for ... Supplied by Bondioli & Pavesi, the products include axial piston pumps and motors from 1 .22 in.

75 pages

Farm Rescue, Responding to Incidents and Emergencies in Agricultural Settings

Creator: William E. Field | Technology & Engineering - 1999-01-01

Publisher: Natural Resources

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