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1552 pages

Automotive Service: Inspection, Maintenance, Repair

Creator: Tim Gilles | Technology & Engineering - 2011-01-19

NOTE: A part with runout cannot be balanced if it causes parts to bind up once per revolution. ... Repairing or Replacing a Driveshaft Driveshafts can be aluminum, steel, carbon fiber bonded to aluminum yokes, or composite that is pultruded ...

Publisher: Cengage Learning

1276 pages

Automotive Service, Inspection, Maintenance, Repair

Creator: Tim Gilles | Technology & Engineering - 2004

NOTE: A part with runout cannot be balanced if it causes parts to bind up once per revolution. Consider that drive shaft parts ... Do not swap an aluminum drive shaft for a steel one unless the length is less than 60" to 65". Drive shafts can be ...

Publisher: Cengage Learning

About this book
Written by an ASE Master Technician and Master Machinist, the second edition of our popular Automotive Service: Inspection, Maintenance and Repair book has been thoroughly reviewed for technical accuracy to go along with the hundreds of all-new, full-color photographs that have been added to maintain the reader’s interest and improve comprehension. The book begins by introducing readers to a number of automotive career options, shop management basics, plus necessary tools and equipment. Subsequent chapters examine the theories underlying the operation of vehicle systems while equipping readers with step-by-step procedures for troubleshooting and repairing all major systems of the modern automobile. Competency-based objectives, key terms lists, activities correlated to the companion Lab Manual, plus numerous review questions call attention to important concepts presented in each chapter. Shop Tips, Safety Notes, Case Histories, Cautions, and Notes are also included as helpful sign posts for readers working to acquire the system knowledge and the critical thinking skills needed to effectively inspect, maintain, and repair all make and model vehicles.

96 pages

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Check out the cast-metal frame, axles and driveline parts. subwoofers and a bank of amps; the SUT does without because ... flat black floor pan, chrome suspension and painted- aluminum driveline parts combine for a very sophisticated look.

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Aluminum Tubing for Driveline Covers: Product Description and Features: Aluminum tubing for driveline covers. "NEW" not surplus!

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Racing and Performance Driveshafts precision balanced on Axiline equipment and over 25 years of custom driveshaft engineering, set us apart!

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Sonnax offers cutting-edge transmission, torque converter and driveline products for the automotive aftermarket. Get hundreds of free tech resources online 24/7.


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