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1998 chevy s10 driveline

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542 pages

Lemon-Aid SUVs, Vans, and Trucks

Creator: Louis-Philippe Edmonston | Transportation - 2005-10-01

Harsh-shifting automatic transmission. ... Excessive on-road vibration. • Tailgate fell off. • Drive shaft fell out ... S-10, Sonoma, T-10: 1993-99— Cure AC odours by installing GM's cooling coil coating kit. 1993-2002— ... 1998-99 — Incorrect fuel gauge readings can be corrected by reprogramming the VCM module. 1998- 2002 ...

Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside Limited

768 pages

A Heat Transfer Textbook, Fourth Edition

Creator: John H Lienhard | Science - 2013-07-02

The text addresses the implications, limitations, and meanings of many aspects of heat transfer, connecting the subject to its real-world applications and developing students' insight into related phenomena.

Publisher: Courier Corporation

About this book
This introduction to heat transfer offers advanced undergraduate and graduate engineering students a solid foundation in the subjects of conduction, convection, radiation, and phase-change, in addition to the related topic of mass transfer. A staple of engineering courses around the world for more than three decades, it has been revised and updated regularly by the authors, a pair of recognized experts in the field. The text addresses the implications, limitations, and meanings of many aspects of heat transfer, connecting the subject to its real-world applications and developing students' insight into related phenomena. Three introductory chapters form a minicourse in heat transfer, covering all of the subjects discussed in detail in subsequent chapters. This unique and effective feature introduces heat exchangers early in the development, rather than at the end. The authors also present a novel and simplified method for dimensional analysis, and they capitalize on the similarity of natural convection and film condensation to develop these two topics in a parallel manner. Worked examples and end-of-chapter exercises appear throughout the book, along with well-drawn, illuminating figures.

663 pages

Principles of Neural Coding

Creator: Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, Stefano Panzeri | Medical - 2013-05-06

40 35 — _ 30 _ 25 - w W Information rate (bits/s) 10— — Bin size (ms) FIGURE 8.6 Effect of the temporal resolution of spike times on ... This issue has been covered in detail elsewhere (see Chapter 7, and also Oram et al., 1998; Abbott and Dayan, 1999; Salinas ... One way to characterize the role of correlations in information transmission is to ask whether a receiver of the ... They used this technique to analyze the responses in rat somatosensory cortex to whisker vibrations at different ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
Understanding how populations of neurons encode information is the challenge faced by researchers in the field of neural coding. Focusing on the many mysteries and marvels of the mind has prompted a prominent team of experts in the field to put their heads together and fire up a book on the subject. Simply titled Principles of Neural Coding, this book covers the complexities of this discipline. It centers on some of the major developments in this area and presents a complete assessment of how neurons in the brain encode information. The book collaborators contribute various chapters that describe results in different systems (visual, auditory, somatosensory perception, etc.) and different species (monkeys, rats, humans, etc). Concentrating on the recording and analysis of the firing of single and multiple neurons, and the analysis and recording of other integrative measures of network activity and network states—such as local field potentials or current source densities—is the basis of the introductory chapters. Provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach Describes topics of interest to a wide range of researchers The book then moves forward with the description of the principles of neural coding for different functions and in different species and concludes with theoretical and modeling works describing how information processing functions are implemented. The text not only contains the most important experimental findings, but gives an overview of the main methodological aspects for studying neural coding. In addition, the book describes alternative approaches based on simulations with neural networks and in silico modeling in this highly interdisciplinary topic. It can serve as an important reference to students and professionals.

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