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528 pages

Chilton's Dodge-Plymouth Vans, 1967-1988

Creator: Chilton Automotive Editorial Staff | Transportation - 1989-02

and carefully work transmission and converter rearward off engine dowels and disengage converter hub from end of crankshaft. WARNING: Attach a small C- clamp to edge of bell housing to hold converter in place during transmission removal; ...

About this book
Chilton's original line of model-specific information covers older vehicles. Each manual offers repair and tune-up guidance designed for the weekend for the weekend mechanic, covering basic maintenance and troubleshooting. For the hobbyist or used car owner, this information is essential and unavailable elsewhere. All books are paperback.

Advanced materials by design.

... q Ford Econoline van: rear wheel drive shaftc Aluminum: q Chevrolet Corvette: driveshafth q Ford Aerostar van: driveshaft, ... Ford Ranger pickup (1988): plastic leaf springsb q Ford Tempo and Topaz (1988): alI plastic bumpersb Plastics and ... Program (1990s): composite chassisg Aluminum: q Ford F-trucks and Econoline van (1987): aluminum drive shaftsh q ... individual runnersk q Chrysler Turbo II 4 cylinder for Dodge Daytona Shelby (1987): intercooler and dual toned intake ...

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

Station Wagons

Creator: Byron Olsen |

This was a more upscale version and was joined by a fancier Dodge version called the Diplomat. ... Yet because front-wheel drive eliminated drivetrain intrusion into the passenger compartment, and because the styling was ... All versions of the K-car station wagon went out of production after 1988. ... Instead, both Ford and Chevrolet first brought out what were essentially scaled-down trucklike big vans.

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