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Thermoelectrics Handbook, Macro to Nano

Creator: D.M. Rowe | Technology & Engineering - 2005-12-09

Given that adding ceramic has such a significant impact on TEC heat pumping, it is important that attendant heat transfer ... The heart of a liquid-cooling system is the "waterblock," the device directly adjacent to the TEC/CPU through which the ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
Ten years ago, D.M. Rowe introduced the bestselling CRC Handbook of Thermoelectrics to wide acclaim. Since then, increasing environmental concerns, desire for long-life electrical power sources, and continued progress in miniaturization of electronics has led to a substantial increase in research activity involving thermoelectrics. Reflecting the latest trends and developments, the Thermoelectrics Handbook: Macro to Nano is an extension of the earlier work and covers the entire range of thermoelectrics disciplines.Serving as a convenient reference as well as a thorough introduction to thermoelectrics, this book includes contributions from 99 leading authorities from around the world. Its coverage spans from general principles and theoretical concepts to material preparation and measurements; thermoelectric materials; thermoelements, modules, and devices; and thermoelectric systems and applications. Reflecting the enormous impact of nanotechnology on the field-as the thermoelectric properties of nanostructured materials far surpass the performance of conventional materials-each section progresses systematically from macro-scale to micro/nano-scale topics. In addition, the book contains an appendix listing major manufacturers and suppliers of thermoelectric modules.There is no longer any need to spend hours plodding through the journal literature for information. The Thermoelectrics Handbook: Macro to Nano offers a timely, comprehensive treatment of all areas of thermoelectrics in a single, unified reference.

104 pages

Maximum PC


Vigor Gaming calls its secret chill sauce-deep breath-the Vigor Monsson II TEC Active CPU cooling System.... ~ Logan Decker - Senior Editor, PC Gamer Magazine SPECIFICATIONS: Socket Type | Cooler Dimensions (DxWxH) Thermoelectric ...

About this book
Maximum PC is the magazine that every computer fanatic, PC gamer or content creator must read. Each and every issue is packed with punishing product reviews, insightful and innovative how-to stories and the illuminating technical articles that enthusiasts crave.

581 pages

Modules, Systems, and Applications in Thermoelectrics

Creator: David Michael Rowe | Technology & Engineering - 2012-04-25

PC.application,.the.use.of.thermoelectics.for.processor.uniform. cooling.can. ensure.a.17– ... 60–70.μm. long.

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
Comprising two volumes, Thermoelectrics and Its Energy Harvesting reviews the dramatic improvements in technology and application of thermoelectric energy with a specific intention to reduce and reuse waste heat and improve novel techniques for the efficient acquisition and use of energy. This volume, Modules, Systems and Applications in Thermoelectrics, discusses the practical, novel, and truly groundbreaking applications of thermoelectrics in a range of markets. The book details the U.S. interest in alternative energy and energy harvesting, specifically, the current efforts to use thermoelectric generators (TGs) to reduce emissions. Internationally, it expounds on the strong interest in Japan, Korea and Europe to incorporate TGs in cars to reduce fuel consumption and meet EU carbon dioxide emission targets; the European plans to build an isotopic powered thermoelectric generator; and India’s use of TG s in converting hot water from steel mills into electricity.

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