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163 pages

Adaptive Hot-spot Cooling of Integrated Circuits Using Digital Microfluidics


The work presented in this thesis addresses the fundamental design challenges in developing an adaptive cooling architecture based on the digital microfluidic platform.

Publisher: ProQuest

About this book
This thesis first studies the temperature-dependent behavior of digital microfluidic systems. It is shown that the transport of droplets immersed in oil is facilitated at elevated temperatures. Various hot-spot cooling prototypes were designed, based on a coplanar electrowetting scheme developed to simplify fabrication and assembly steps. For flow-through based systems, cooling prototypes were used to demonstrate the closed-loop dispensing, transport, and recycling of droplets necessary for adaptive cooling. Heat transfer using moving droplets is shown to improve significantly for higher mass flow rates and heat flux densities. However, while the proof-of-concept for this flow-through technique was successfully demonstrated, the maximum flow-rates using current prototypes appear to be insufficient in view of the high heat-flux densities in today's IC devices. Future studies of alternative dielectric materials will help to overcome these limits.

60 pages

Spot Cooling and Heating of Plane Surfaces with High Velocity Impinging Air Jets

Creator: Darryl E. Metzger | Air jets - 1962

158 pages

Design and Characterization of an Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) Micropump for Cryogenic Spot Cooling Applications



Publisher: ProQuest

About this book
High-temperature superconducting (HTSC) components are being incorporated into communication and monitoring electronic devices to increase their signal-to-noise ratio or their channel capacity. Those devices must be maintained at cryogenic temperatures to prevent the loss of their superconducting properties and retain their performance superiority. They are conventionally cooled via direct heat conduction, which leads to undesirable temperature differences among the various components being cooled. Compact micropumps capable of pumping liquid nitrogen at 77 K into liquid-cooling circuits would enable a much more compact and lightweight method of maintaining a uniform temperature across the cooling circuit. These pumps can also address the demand for delivering small doses of LN2 to particular spots in bioengineering applications.

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