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318 pages

Upgrading Your Home PC

Creator: Glenn E. Weadock | Computers - 2006-02-20

Second, if you get a CPU that doesn't come with a heat sink or cooling fan—as you may if you buy a CPU from a private party, say on eBay—you can use the same hardware that your original CPU used, as long as you're merely replacing the ...

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

About this book
With the Right Resource, Upgrading's Easier than You Think Ever feel like PC technologies evolve so quickly that your own machine is out of date just months after you get it? Now you can keep up without taking it to a professional, without getting in trouble, and without buying a new one. Upgrading Your Home PC uses detailed photographs and clear, step-by-step instructions to show you how to accomplish the most common, most satisfying upgrade tasks yourself. You'll be amazed by how easy it is! Coverage includes: Adding memory Adding a hard drive Adding a Zip or Jaz drive Adding a recordable CD drive Setting up a broadband Internet connection Installing an inkjet or laser printer Upgrading a display card Connecting a flat-panel LCD monitor Installing a network card Setting up a wired or wireless network Upgrading a power supply Upgrading your PC's sound system Using a digital camera with your PC Installing joysticks and other input devices Capturing video Upgrading your BIOS Upgrading or adding a CPU Setting up USB, SCSI, or FireWire buses

352 pages

Clustering Windows Server, A Road Map for Enterprise Solutions

Creator: Gary Mauler, Milt Beebe | Computers - 2001-12-19

Just as car radios frequently outlast the car itself, most modern processors can outlast the cooling fans required to cool them. The problem then is that sometimes the cooling fans are physically mounted to the processor. So how do you replace ...

Publisher: Elsevier

About this book
An IT decision-maker's road map to creating scalable and reliable Windows 2000 clustered systems.Clustering Windows 2000 explains what a cluster is and what it is not. It explains the concepts and technology from the perspective of Microsoft's Windows family of operating systems. Mauler and Beebe thoroughly explore the critical interaction and integration of state-of-the-art computer hardware with these operating systems and also with third-party layered solutions. However, more than teaching technology, the book provides a unique framework by which readers can evaluate their organizations' own clustering needs. The new Cluster Configuration MatrixC presented here allows them to determine the utility of the many clustering products and solutions given their companies' specific requirements for high availability. Clustering Windows 2000 enables IT professionals to create a highly effective clustering strategy that can grow with their organizations' needs and accommodate ongoing developments in clustering technology. This unique book is for everyone from system designers to IT managers who want a solid understanding of the optimal products and technologies they can use in creating "clusters" of computers to support truly enterprise-caliber programs.Demystifies Windows clustering from both a hardware and software viewpointDefines clustering terminology and concepts from a vendor-neutral perspectiveProvides a matrix for evaluating the multitude of cluster technology offerings

452 pages

Upgrade Your Own PC

Creator: Linda Rohrbough | Computers - 1998-01-01

If you're having trouble with your upgrade, this troubleshooting section should help. I can't seem to ... Make sure that the cooling fan is properly attached and is the right size so that the CPU is making proper contact with the socket. The cooling ...

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated

About this book
This text is designed for do-it-yourselfers who don't want to deal with weighty guides containing more information than they probably need. With practical examples, step-by-step guidance and friendly advice, this text empowers readers with time and money-saving ways to make their systems state-of-the-art. Linda Rohrbough guides readers through each step of the upgrade process - from installing sound cards and adding more memory, right through to simplifying the technicalities of adding new hard disks and tape backup drives.

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