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356 pages

Natural Fiber Composites

Creator: R.D.S.G. Campilho | Technology & Engineering - 2015-11-05

TABLE 10.4 Design Requirements of Laptop Case with Embedded External Cooling Fan Requirements • Nominal laptop case internal size 15 × 11 × 1.5 inch (L × W × H) (compatible for laptops up to 14” display size) • Internal use in room ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
Safely Design, Test, and Construct Products Made of Natural Fiber Composites Natural fibers and their composites carry distinct advantages over industrial fibers. Some advantages—including renewability and availability of raw materials, and lower energy consumption—could help safeguard environmental resources and eventually replace synthetic composites and conventional materials. Natural Fiber Composites explores the growing use of natural fibers in composites and covers material properties, treatment and processing, modeling, applications, design, and other vital information on this subject. Improve the Strength of Manufactured Composites, and Determine the Best Processing Technique Incorporating independent pieces written by a team of international contributors, this book enables readers to analyze and design structural components using state-of-the-art information and methods. It provides an overview of natural fiber composites, details the superior specific mechanical properties of these materials, and presents development techniques and design case studies that can improve performance and enhance the process. Natural Fiber Composites evaluates the value of natural fibers in composite materials, and offers introductory knowledge on natural fiber composites backed by internationally recognized experts in the field.

336 pages

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Laptops

Creator: Sherry Kinkoph Gunter | Computers - 2012-09-21

Excessive heat buildup can damage a laptop, and usually a laptop's internal fan is not enough to remove the heat produced over extended periods of use. A cooling pad, also called a cooling base, is a great accessory to help extend the life of ...

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

About this book
The fast and easy way to learn about buying, maintaining, and troubleshooting, a laptop How do I find the right laptop for me? Now that I have a laptop, how do I set it up and maintain it? What are some tips for getting the most out of software systems? How do I begin to troubleshoot my laptop? If you are a visual learner and have ever asked yourself any of those questions, then this is just the book you need. Visual, step-by-step guidance walks you through finding the right laptop to meet your needs, getting comfortable with the latest versions of Windows and the Microsoft Office Suite, and understanding the most important security aspects of keeping your online experiences safe. Helps visual learners get comfortable and confident with their laptops Features full-color screen shots and numbered, step-by-step instructions on how to get up and running Walks you through using the latest hardware add-ons, the Internet, and popular software applications Teach Yourself VISUALLY Laptops, Second Edition offers you an easy-to-follow and visually appealing way to learn!

816 pages

Computercare's Laptop Repair Workbook, The 300 Cases of Classic Notebook Computers Troubleshooting and Repair

Creator: Ashok Liu | Computers - 2012-06

When the fan works for an extended period of time, dust can accumulate which may impede radiating. Cleaning it is very ... Apart from the heat sink and the thermal fan, the laptop's cooling should also include the thermal pipe. Here's the  ...

Publisher: AuthorHouse

About this book
This is practical reference book, which uses simple testing methods within minutes one can confirm whether laptop failure is software or hardware related with a diagnostic accuracy of 99%. Another feature of this book is that one can select a typical repair shortcut thereby saving considerable "swap test" time i.e. avoid trial and error. For most readers, this book will provide most of the failure status information needed. There are thirteen diagnostic flowcharts at the core of this book are marked with the percentage (probability) of the failed component along with its name. The repair shortcuts are intended to help the advanced amateur or technician to quickly repair the laptop and check up the components marked with a high failure rate from the diagnosis flowcharts, and then gradually inspect the components showing lower failure percentage. The book also contains 300 classic repair cases, and dozens of fault detecting methods with application skills. Also adopted here, is a unique mode of operation to repair laptops with simple steps. One can refer to the eight articles in "Analysis and diagnostic table" to find the information matching particular your case. Experience in this book will work for you to become "repair experts" to solve the problems of many laptops.

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Air Conditioner Laptop Sleeve

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A photograph of a window air conditioning unit. Your device may not keep you cool but it sure will look cool! BRRRRRRRR!
Price: $$28.95

Electronics Cooling Fan Speaker

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Light gray colored laptop computer style cooling fan image for electronic devices or anything that looks like it could use a little fresh air. Note: Not an actual cooling fan, just looks like it. Perfect gag gift for that geek in all of us.
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Air Conditioner Sleeve For MacBook Pro

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A photograph of a window air conditioning unit. Your device may not keep you cool but it sure will look cool! BRRRRRRRR!
Price: $$78.00