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890 pages

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Creator: U.S. Department of Labor | Business & Economics - 2008-12-01

A directory for up-and-coming jobs in the near-future employment market includes recommendations for finding or advancing a career and draws on statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, in a guide that includes coverage of more than 250 ...

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

About this book
When making a decision about your career path, you need to consider every aspect of every job. With statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, the Occupational Outlook Handbook is the best place to seek help with your job-related research, whether you are looking for your first job or contemplating a career change. From able seaman to zoologist, you will learn vital information about more than 250 occupations. The Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2009 features helpful descriptions of nearly 90 percent of the jobs available in the U.S. economy. Packed with practical, current information, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone doing career research, making career decisions, writing resumes, or preparing for interviews. This edition also includes a Personality-Career Quiz, which helps readers match themselves to their dream jobs. The quiz is based on the six personality types and will help readers make informed and intelligent decisions about their careers.

230 pages

Home Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

Creator: James Kittle | House & Home - 1990-04-01

With Home Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, you can do your own professional-quality maintenance and repair on all types of equipment--at a fraction of the normal cost.

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

About this book
No do-it-yourself should be without this complete guide to home heating and air conditioning systems. Drawing on James Kittle's expertise, even novices will be equipped to install, troubleshoot, repair, replace, and maintain their systems safely. Kittle covers every aspect of home wiring, piping for gas and oil furnaces, and connecting air conditioning lines. Illustrated, step-by-step instructions are provided for all equipment the homeowner is likely to encounter in the installation and operation of oil and gas furnaces, electric space heaters, and central or window A/C units. The book includes a summary of applicable codes and regulations and a complete glossary of technical terms.

144 pages

No Ducks in the Attic, & Other Basics of HVAC Installation

Creator: R. J. Schuster | Technology & Engineering - 2009-04-14

No Ducks in the Attic is a fun, easy reading, semi-technical book that bridges the gap between classroom HVAC theory and "that's how Clyde said to do it" for the residential HVAC industry.

Publisher: Booksurge Publishing

About this book
No Ducks in the Attic is a fun and easy look at residential HVAC installations. Professionals in the industry are often taught theory in the classroom, and the “just do it this way” method in the field without knowing how or why. From the owner of the company, right down to the newest apprentice, all can learn how to properly install a system, create a happy customer, and be profitable without the pitfalls of trial and error mechanics. No Ducks in the Attic discusses the dos and don'ts of load calculations, duct design, equipment specs, condensate problems, electrical basics, and other subjects to fill in the gaps that others assume you know. Especially good for those who “aren't big readers”.

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