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150 pages

Global Cooling, Strategies for Climate Protection

Creator: Hans-Josef Fell | Political Science - 2012-06-22

GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council): Global wind report 2010, annual market update. Brussels, Belgium, 2010; Internet ... 2009; Internet Site: http://www.hkc22. com/bioplastics.html (accessed 04 August 2011). Hirschfeld, J., Weiß, J., Preidl ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
This book redefines climate protection measures and readjusts climate protection targets in line with what is scientifically necessary and economically feasible. The reader is provided with an overview of recent developments and failings in, and successful instruments for, fighting climate change and global warming. Effective climate protection measures rest on two pillars: stopping all greenhouse gas emissions and cleaning the atmosphere of spare carbon. Both are possible, if the use of fossil fuels in the energy, transport, construction and chemistry sectors is terminated and the decision is made to consistently switch to a world economy with zero emissions instead. Global Feed-in-Tariffs can provide incentives for renewable energies as the German Feed-in-Tariff has proven – a measure which has been copied by almost 70 nations around the world. At the same time agricultural practices are necessary to support an increase in biodiversity, e.g. re-greening the desert, afforestation and organic agriculture and active storage of atmospheric carbon emissions within agricultural soils. This book demonstrates that investment in renewable energies and a sustainable economy is not only a worthwhile cause but also has an economic value. The book introduces new actors such as the financial industry as an investor and political actor. If the financial industry becomes a political actor and calls for a necessary regulatory framework, more nations will follow - accompanied by an economic benefit - which will create a class of pioneer nations instead of the ever failing project of a global climate agreement. The transformation of the world economy can be accelerated through the right political measures. Active legislative support is necessary, for example the implementation of Feed-in-Tariffs for renewable energies, ending all subsidies for fossil fuels and the internalization of external damage costs such as nuclear waste management. Global warming does not have to be our inescapable fate. If mankind pursues the right climate protection strategies, the earth can be cooled down to an acceptable level in a few decades.

304 pages

SuperFreakonomics, Illustrated edition

Creator: Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner | Business & Economics - 2010-10-26

With the Illustrated Edition, Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner bring alive their smart thinking and great storytelling with an explosion of visual evidence, including: A by-the-numbers tally of a high-priced call girl's career, and a ...

Publisher: Harper Collins

156 pages

Approaching Crisis of Global Cooling and the Limits to Growth, Global Warming Is Not Our Future

Creator: Shigenori Maruyama | Education - 2012-12-20

Global Warming Is Not Our Future Shigenori Maruyama ... In this epilogue, I will introduce the frontier research concerning this subject which strongly suggests a forthcoming cooling, and not a warming that ... (2009),. there. has been an extraordinary lack of solar activity not observed since the start of observations by human ...

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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