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Do i need a cooling pad for my

Do i need a cooling pad for my laptop - Bookshelf

432 pages

MacBook For Dummies

Creator: Mark L. Chambers | Computers - 2010-09-16

my. laptop. steam-powered? Laptops generate heat. And today's super-fast multicore processors can work up a head of steam — pun intended — while you' re ... To avoid that burning sensation, buy a laptop stand or cooling pad for your desk.

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

About this book
The perfect companion for MacBook users—now updated and revised throughout! Grab your MacBook—and this Dummies book—and get savvy with all the latest updates to Apple's newest generation of laptop hardware and software. Packed with coverage of the latest MacBook models, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, iLife, and iWork , this new edition is completely revised and updated on all the latest tools and trends in the MacBook world. Seasoned author Mark Chambers shows you how to customize your dock and desktop, stay connected while on the road, make movies with iMovie, create and share DVDs, compose your own music with GarageBand, build a Web site with iWeb, and much more. Features completely revised and updated information on all the latest tools and trends of the Apple MacBook Explains how to customize the dock and desktop; connect from the road; take your music mobile; use iWeb, iMovie, iPhoto, and GarageBand; sync with wireless devices; work with networks; and more Includes coverage of the latest MacBook models, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, iLife, and iWork MacBook For Dummies, 3rd Edition presents you with all you need to know to get started with your MacBook today!

189 pages

Humor Hardly Hurts

Creator: Albert Joseph | Fiction - 2012-10-31

Every time Iwasfaced with thissame question: “Which one of these documents do you want me to copy and mail?” Portable. Laptop. CoolingPad. An engineer who wasalwayson the go boughta portable laptop cooling padto use while hewaited forhis appointments. ... My. New. Team. Member. One ofmy bosses who did business development used his telepathic ... I was unaware that we had a need.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

About this book
Readers Digest’s “Laughter – the best medicine” is not without merit. Various medical studies have arrived at the same conclusion. Here is a book that aspires to meet the challenge. This book is a short compilation of humor that the author collected over his career. This book maybe useful for those undergoing healing, as well as, those seeking to relieve stress and just enjoy life in general. There are times when someone at a gathering or a party is asked to share a joke or two and the person could be tongue-tied. It is hoped that this book will provide the ammunition to share good humor with family friends and gatherings. Successful public speakers often start their speech or presentation with a joke, tying it to their subject and try to get the attention of their audience. The book includes real life situations and anecdotes covering a broad range of topics experienced by the author.

56 pages

Technology Shoppers Guide: Saving You From Caveat Emptor

Creator: Adam Gregory Koch | Computers - 2015-06-14

My old laptop was a 2Ghz dual core and it would not at all run any game requiring 3 Ghz processor despite the extra core. This laptop that I have now can run anything I can throw at it, though I do have to keep a cooling pad under it to prevent overheating which ... You may need to shop online, even if you plan to buy in a store, you can still look online to see what fits your needs, and make note of the ...

Publisher: Adam Gregory Koch

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