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Cooling tower with chiller

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408 pages

HVAC Water Chillers and Cooling Towers, Fundamentals, Application, and Operation, Second Edition

Creator: Herbert W. Stanford III | Technology & Engineering - 2016-04-19

This new edition looks at how climate change and "green" designs have significantly impacted the selection of refrigerants and the application of chilled water systems.

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
HVAC Water Chillers and Cooling Towers: Fundamentals, Application, and Operation, Second Edition explores the major improvements in recent years to many chiller and cooling tower components that have resulted in improved performance and lower operating costs. This new edition looks at how climate change and "green" designs have significantly impacted the selection of refrigerants and the application of chilled water systems. It also discusses the expanded use of digital controls and variable frequency drives as well as the re-introduction of some older technologies, especially ammonia-based absorption cooling. The first half of the book focuses on water chillers and the second half addresses cooling towers. In both sections, the author includes the following material: Fundamentals—basic information about systems and equipment, including how they and their various components work Design and Application—equipment sizing, selection, and application; details of piping, control, and water treatment; and special considerations such as noise control, electrical service, fire protection, and energy efficiency Operations and Maintenance—commissioning and programmed maintenance of components and systems, with guidelines and recommended specifications for procurement This up-to-date book provides HVAC designers, building owners, operating and maintenance staff, architects, and mechanical contractors with definitive and practical guidance on the application, design, purchase, operation, and maintenance of water chillers and cooling towers. It offers helpful information for you to use on a daily basis, including checklists and troubleshooting guidelines.

1113 pages

CRC Handbook of Energy Efficiency

Creator: Frank Kreith, Ronald E. West | Science - 1996-10-24

A block diagram of a generic gas turbine inlet air cooling system, with and without storage, is shown in Figure 13B.3. The basic building blocks are the chiller, its cooling tower, the air coil, and interconnecting piping. Cold fluid from the chiller is  ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
Addressing the needs of engineers, energy planners, and policy makers, CRC Handbook of Energy Efficiency provides up-to-date information on all important issues related to efficient energy use, including: Efficient energy technologiesEconomicsUtility restructuringIntegrated resource planningEnergy efficient building designIndustrial energy conservationWind energySolar thermal systemsPhotovoltaicsRenewable energyCogenerationFossil fuel cost projectionsThe rapid changes that characterize the technology of energy generation systems, and the forthcoming competition among energy producers, make this handbook a must for anyone involved in the science, technology, or policy of energy. The 53 expert contributors from industry, government, and universities, and the 600+ figures and tables make CRC Handbook of Energy Efficiency a professional and valuable resource.

850 pages

Energy Management Handbook

Creator: Steve Doty, Wayne C. Turner | Technology & Engineering - 2009

Chiller Plant Chilled Water Plant Flow Diagram, Pre-ret- rofit Figure 10-16. Chiller Plant Chilled Water Plant Flow Diagram, Post. mon and effective way of interconnecting the cooling tower water to the chilled water loop is through the use of a ...

Publisher: The Fairmont Press, Inc.

About this book
Originally published two decades ago, the Energy Management Handbook has become recognized as the definitive stand-alone energy manager's desk reference, used by thousands of energy management professionals throughout the industry. Known as the bible of energy management, it has helped more energy managers reach their potential than any other resource. Completely revised and updated, the fifth edition includes new chapters on building commissioning and green buildings. You'll find in-depth coverage of every component of effective energy management, including boiler and steam system optimization, lighting and electrical systems, HVAC system performance, waste heat recovery, cogeneration, thermal energy storage, energy management control systems, energy systems maintenance, building envelope, industrial insulation, indoor air quality, energy economic analysis, energy procurement decision making, energy security and reliability, and overall energy management program organization. You'll also get the latest facts on utility deregulation, energy project financing, and in-house vs. outsourcing of energy services. The energy industry has change radically since the initial publication of this reference over 20 years ago. Looking back on the energy arena, one thing becomes clear: energy is the key element that must be managed to ensure a company's profitability. The Energy Management Handbook, Fifth Edition is the definitive reference to guide energy managers through the maze of changes the industry has experienced.

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