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Cooling tower water treatment

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408 pages

HVAC Water Chillers and Cooling Towers, Fundamentals, Application, and Operation, Second Edition

Creator: Herbert W. Stanford III | Technology & Engineering - 2016-04-19

COOLING TOWER MAINTENANCE Once the cooling tower system is placed into full-time service, routine inspection and maintenance ... The required maintenance can be broken into two areas: water treatment and mechanical maintenance.

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
HVAC Water Chillers and Cooling Towers: Fundamentals, Application, and Operation, Second Edition explores the major improvements in recent years to many chiller and cooling tower components that have resulted in improved performance and lower operating costs. This new edition looks at how climate change and "green" designs have significantly impacted the selection of refrigerants and the application of chilled water systems. It also discusses the expanded use of digital controls and variable frequency drives as well as the re-introduction of some older technologies, especially ammonia-based absorption cooling. The first half of the book focuses on water chillers and the second half addresses cooling towers. In both sections, the author includes the following material: Fundamentals—basic information about systems and equipment, including how they and their various components work Design and Application—equipment sizing, selection, and application; details of piping, control, and water treatment; and special considerations such as noise control, electrical service, fire protection, and energy efficiency Operations and Maintenance—commissioning and programmed maintenance of components and systems, with guidelines and recommended specifications for procurement This up-to-date book provides HVAC designers, building owners, operating and maintenance staff, architects, and mechanical contractors with definitive and practical guidance on the application, design, purchase, operation, and maintenance of water chillers and cooling towers. It offers helpful information for you to use on a daily basis, including checklists and troubleshooting guidelines.

237 pages

The chemical treatment of cooling water

Creator: James W. McCoy | Technology & Engineering - 1974

Publisher: CHS Press

Cooling Water Treatment FAQ

Publisher: Books on Water Treatment

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Best Management Practice #10: Cooling Tower Management ...
Work with your cooling tower water treatment specialist to maximize the cycles of concentration. Many systems operate at two to four cycles of concentration, while six cycles or more may be possible. Increasing cycles from three to six reduces cooling tower make-up water by 20% and cooling tower blowdown by 50%.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment | ChemTreat
Our treatment programs start with an assessment of the process, water chemistry, cooling requirements, and metallurgy in your industrial cooling system. This allows us to determine whether there is a tendency to corrode, scale, foul, or a combination of the three.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment | ChemTreat
Chemical Water Treatment for Cooling Towers and Systems. Our chemical programs are effectively used for the reduction and prevention of the three major issues your industrial cooling water system may encounter: corrosion, deposition, and microbial growth.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment | SUEZ
Cooling Tower Water Treatment Corrosion, deposition, fouling, and biological growth can derail your operations. SUEZ’s combination of chemicals, software, and industry expertise can help prevent these issues or aid in the recovery from a failure event.

New Learner Basics: Cooling Tower Water Treatment
Combined cycle power plants have become in large measure the de facto replacement for the many coal plants that are being retired.


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