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192 pages

Dogs 24/7, Extraordinary Photographs of Wonderful Dogs

Creator: Rick Smolan, David Cohen | Pets - 2005-05-12

TWO DOGS IN A TUB After a hot August afternoon spent herding cows, border collies Snoopy and Heine cool off in a watering trough at the Crowley Ranch in Ontario, Oregon. Photo by Katariina Sutphin SURF'S UP "If he were human, he'd be ...

Publisher: Chronicle Books

About this book
Dogs 24/7 collects more than 500 intimate, funny, and charming photographs taken by professional and amateur photographers. Here are our four-legged companions at their best, up close and personal in small towns and big cities, farms and parks, kitchens and living rooms. Combining great pictures, compelling stories, and insightful essays, this lavish volume is a fitting tribute to our canine friends.

144 pages

Beautiful Old Dogs, A Loving Tribute to Our Senior Best Friends

Creator: David Tabatsky, Garry Gross | ART - 2013-11-05

Our family beamed with pride as Rocket jumped into the water trough where the dogs go to cool off after work. The handler told us that Rocket had more talent than many Border Collies she trains. Fast-forward a few years. At the end of a ...

Publisher: Macmillan

About this book
A charming, delightfully photographed tribute to the older dog, with essays and poetry. Gandhi once said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way that its animals are treated." How people regard older animals is especially revealing. Beautiful Old Dogs is a heartfelt, emotional, passionate tribute to old dogs. It will inspire many readers to get involved in senior dog rescue and adoption, as it honors our senior best friends and explores their current state of care and custody in an informative appendix. This book features the exquisite photography of the late Garry Gross, a noted fashion photographer during the 60s, 70s and 80s who, after becoming a highly successful dog trainer in New York City, turned his camera lens towards dogs. Gross, along with Victoria Stilwell from Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog, founded Dog Trainers of New York in 2002, and became devoted to highlighting the plight and value of senior dogs. "The older the better," Gross said. "Dogs with soul in their eyes."David Tabatsky has collected Gross's photographs here, and carefully curated an accompanying selection of moving, insightful, funny, and uplifting essays and short pieces by a range of writers, with contributions from Anna Quindlen, Ally Sheedy, Christopher Durang, Doris Day, Dean Koontz, Marlo Thomas, and many more.

999 pages


Creator: John Pilley, Hilary Hinzmann | Nature - 2014-11-11

Through the poignant story of how he trained Chaser, raised her as a member of the Pilley family, and proved her abilities to the scientific community, he reveals the positive impact of incorporating learning into play and more effectively ...

Publisher: Oneworld Publications

About this book
Chaser has a way with words. She knows over a thousand of them—more than any other animal of any species except humans. In addition to common nouns like house, ball, and tree, she has memorised the names of more than one thousand toys and can retrieve any of them on command. Based on that learning, she and her owner and trainer, retired psychologist John Pilley, have moved on to further impressive feats, demonstrating her ability to understand sentences with multiple elements of grammar and to learn new behaviours by imitation.John’s ingenuity and tenacity as a researcher are as impressive as Chaser’s accomplishments. His groundbreaking approach has opened the door to a new understanding of animal intelligence, one that requires us to reconsider what actually goes on in a dog’s mind. Chaser’s achievements reveal her use of deductive reasoning and complex problem-solving skills to address novel challenges.Yet astonishingly, Chaser isn’t unique. John’s training methods can be adopted by any dog lover. Through the poignant story of how he trained Chaser, raised her as a member of the Pilley family, and proved her abilities to the scientific community, he reveals the positive impact of incorporating learning into play and more effectively channeling a dog’s natural drives.John’s work with Chaser offers a fresh perspective on what’s possible in the relationship between a dog and a human. His story points us toward a new way of relating to our canine companions that takes into account our evolving understanding of the way animals and humans learn.

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