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Your First Notebook PC (Adobe Reader)

Creator: Michael Miller | Computers - 2007-10-01

To that end, a socalled notebook cooler, such as the one in Figure 19.11, is a stand or pad that incorporates one or more fans for cooling purposes. You can find notebook coolers from Antec (, Belkin (, ...

Publisher: Pearson Education

About this book
Using a notebook PC is different from using a desktop PC. Not only are the keyboard and screen smaller, you have to deal with battery life, notebook security, connecting to the Internet at Wi-Fi hot spots, and figuring out how to enter numbers without a numeric keypad. How do you do what you need to do on your new notebook PC?   Your First Notebook PC is the solution to your problems. This book focuses on how to shop for, set up, and use a new notebook PC. You’ll learn all about different types of notebooks, unique notebook features, and useful notebook accessories. You’ll also discover how to get the most out of your notebook at home, at the office, and on the road–and how to troubleshoot any problems you might encounter!   Your First Notebook PC shows you how to:      •    Choose the right type of notebook for your needs      •    Set up and configure a new notebook      •    Use Windows Vista and its notebook-specific features      •    Connect your notebook to a wireless home network and the Internet      •    Share files and folders with other users–and sync your files between two PCs      •    Use your notebook to listen to music and play DVD movies       •    Connect your notebook to an office network–and use it for essential business operations      •    Use your notebook to give PowerPoint presentations      •    Connect your notebook to a public Wi-Fi hot spot–and send and receive email from any location      •    Keep your notebook secure when traveling      •    Extend the life of your notebook’s battery      •    Upgrade your notebook’s hardware      •    Troubleshoot common problems

102 pages

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94 Resizing columns of various types Extend Your Laptop's Life With These Tweaks Don't give up on your old, slow notebook just ... Start with a cooling pad, which draws heat away from the system (and your thighs) via two or more USB- powered fans. For around $30, you can pick one up from Antec, DataStor, or Targus.

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