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Air king 9723 20-inch portable

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427 pages

Environmental Control Systems, Heating, Cooling, Lighting

Creator: Fuller Moore | Technology & Engineering - 1993

A text/reference for Architect and Architectural Engineering students taking a course on Energy Methods. Includes passive solar heating and cooling, day-lighting, etc.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science, Engineering & Mathematics

The Trouble with Trolls

Creator: Jan Brett | Dogs - 1999-01

While climbing Mt. Baldy, Treva outwits some trolls who want to steal her dog.

Publisher: Turtleback

127 pages

Wrapped Up in You

Creator: Dan Jolley, Natalie Nourigat | Juvenile Fiction - 2012

North Carolina eighteen-year-old Staci tries to keep her friend Faith safe from a group of witches but winds up helping the Incan mummy the group has reanimated, who also happens to be very attractive and charming.

About this book
Staci Glass feels cursedwhenever there's a crisis, she's stuck in the middle. Now her best friend, Faith, has a new hobby, and against her better judgment, Staci conjures up the courage to go along. They join a trio of wannabe witches for a magical ceremony in an Incan history exhibit. Their chanting is loud enough to raise the dead, it seems. Why else would a shriveled-up mummy go missingand a mysterious Incan prince suddenly appear? Prince Pachacutecor "Chuck"is a man with a past. He died tragically five hundred years ago, but that's all ancient history as far as Staci is concerned. He is everything she could wantkind, charming, and drop-dead gorgeous. But the witches aren't willing to live and let live. Will Staci fight for Chuck? Or do the witches have a point when they say reanimated corpses make bad boyfriends?


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