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1324 pages

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology

Creator: William C. Whitman, William M. Johnson, John A.. Tomczyk | 2005

Examination shows that the fan is running, and the suction line is frozen solid at the air handler. The technician stops the ... SERVICE CALL 4 A residential customer reports that the air-conditioning unit is not cooling correctly. The problem is a ...

Publisher: Cengage Learning

1360 pages

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology

Creator: Bill Whitman, Bill Johnson, John Tomczyk, Eugene Silberstein | Technology & Engineering - 2008-02-25

SERVICE CALL 2 A customer calls to indicate that the air conditioner in the guest bedroom is not cooling the room. The coil behind the filter has ice on it. This sounds like a low-charge complaint. The problem is that the drape is partially ...

Publisher: Cengage Learning

592 pages

Today's Technician: Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning Classroom Manual and Shop Manual

Creator: Mark Schnubel | Education - 2016-01-25

The following is a typical systematic approach for applying the diagnostic procedures used to determine air-conditioning system electrical problems. Those who lack a general knowledge of automotive electricity and electronics may review this ...

Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Auto Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air, Not Cooling
How to diagnose an automotive A/C system that is not cooling

LG Window Air Conditioner Units: Efficient Cooling | LG USA
Cool your space stylishly. Created to fit your window frame, LG window air conditioners allow you to cool your home without disrupting your design.


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CUSTOMIZABLE Heating & Cooling BC Business Card

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CUSTOMIZABLE Heating & Cooling Business Card. Just add in your information before ordering. You can always click the "CUSTOMIZE IT" button for even more options! Change fonts, font color, move stuff around & even add more text.
Price: $$27.45

Air Heating And Cooling Business Card

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This air conditioning and heating service business card template with a unique background graphic and company emblem. Presented on taller business card stock for visual impact.
Price: $$33.45

Faded Denver Postcard

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Cool, Colorful and air conditioned by Nature. This worn out Denver Colorado design is perfect for feeling that mountain high.
Price: $$1.05

Air Conditioner iPad Mini Case

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A photograph of a window air conditioning unit. Your device may not keep you cool but it sure will look cool! BRRRRRRRR!
Price: $$44.15