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Steve canyon and clutch cargo

Steve canyon and clutch cargo - Bookshelf

361 pages

Hi There, Boys and Girls!, America's Local Children's TV Shows

Children's television programs - 2001

The 1960 made-for-TV adventures of Mister Magoo were also released for the home movie market. son, well-remembered) ever to be featured on local television: Clutch Cargo. The exploits of a Steve Canyon-like adventurer and his pals ...

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

340 pages

Bad TV, The Very Best of the Very Worst

Creator: Craig Nelson | Humor - 1995

Tepid adventure series with creaky animation starring the Steve Canyon clone Cargo. The show's only memorable feature was what made it so BAD: Superimposed on top of every character's otherwise immobile cartoon face were real human ...

About this book
The ultimate in the genre of funny TV nostalgia books, Bad TV celebrates the amazingly bad shows that have made it onto TV--from My Mother, the Car and Pink Lady & Jeff to Manimal and Cop Rock--and into our psyches, and hands out awards to the bad classics in every category. 45 photos.

144 pages

Alex Toth

Creator: Alex Toth, Manuel Auad | Art - 1995

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Watch Clutch Cargo The Dinky Incas 1 Episode. ... Steve Canyon "Operation Zero Launch" Promo ... 1:21. Clutch Cargo - The Case of Ripcord Van Winkle ...

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In my formative aviation years flying was anything but clinical. It was Steve Canyon comics (getting his helmet made my Christmas!) and Clutch Cargo cartoons of ...

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Haas summed up the lasting appeal of Clutch Cargo: "Let's face it, Clutch is a square. ... Steve Oedekerk has cited Clutch Cargo as one of the inspirations behind his ...

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Steve Canyon always seemed to be the ... - Spider-man’s rogues gallery re-designed by Steve Skroce, 2002. 3 ... Clutch Cargo (1) Colin ...

Animation Anecdotes #171 - Cartoon Research
Animation Anecdotes #171. ... Sort of a head-on collision between “Jonny Quest” and “Clutch Cargo!” ... They look like Steve Canyon characters come to life.


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