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Official guide, tractors and farm equipment

Technology & Engineering - 1989

JOHN DEERE lob. lactory MODEL "609 PULL-TYPE ROTARY CUTTER", heavy duty; 6-ft. cut. slip clutch. PTO Powr-gard driveline-540 RPM; flat blades, 15" wheels less tires. 1 1 38 lbs $3186 MODEL "616 UTILITY ROTARY CUTTER", 72 in. cutting ...

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Technology & Engineering - 1991

First in line must come the routine lubrication of bearings, pto shaft, etc, ( Table 2). ... The slip clutch also needs attention before the season starts. Ideally the clutch discs should be freed off first before the springs are ...


Creator: Bio-dynamic Farming and Gardening Association | Technology & Engineering - 1997

The tightness of the spring loaded bolts control how much resistance is needed to make the clutch slip. When PTO shafts are built, the slip clutch is set arbitrarily. You cannot assume they will slip when they should.

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You are right , the slip clutch sould be rated for HP if it is for standard 540 RPM equipment. If not for standard 540 RPM equipment it should be rated for torque in ...

FD1 PTO Slip Clutch-1-3/8" 6-Spline | Agri Supply #31951
Use this PTO slip clutch to save wear and tear on your gear box. This slip clutch has a 1-3/8 inch male and female ends and works on PTO shafts up to series 6.

Slip Clutch-PTO Slip Clutch | Agri Supply #68385
This slip clutch can be used with a 4, 5 or 6 series PTO shaft. The PTO slip clutch includes an 8 bolt hub assembly, surrounding the shear pin.

7ft Slip Clutch PTO Shaft - Georgia Equipment
Heavy Duty Slip Clutch PTO Shaft for 7' Rotary Mowers w/ 1-3/4" 20 Splined

How to Test a PTO Clutch | eHow
How to Test a PTO Clutch. The power takeoff clutch, or PTO, on a small engine uses electricity to engage a clutch to the main engine crankshaft. PTO clutches transfer ...


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