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300 pages


Creator: Warren Meyer | Fiction - 2006-11-01

Susan Hunter is a brilliant non-motivated student at Harvard Business School when she accepts a job at a new business called BMOC "Big Man on Campus".


About this book
Susan Hunter is a brilliant but lazy student at the Harvard Business School, who has a long-term plan for succeeding at Harvard and getting a high-paying job with the absolute minimum of work. Her plans begin to awry when she receives an invitation for a job interview with Preston Marsh, the quirky millionaire who has built his fortune on oddball businesses from selling designer musical tones to harvesting coins in fountains. Marsh convinces Susan to abandon her path of least resistance to work in his new business called BMOC, which guarantees its student clients that it will make them popular. But nothing in the job description prepares Susan for getting sent to LA to investigate a young woman's suicide. Susan has to struggle to adapt her business school training to what increasingly appears to be a murder investigation, as a consortium of media companies, tort lawyers, and even a US Senator fight to hide the truth. And that was before they started shooting at her.

John Deere

Tractors - 2002

Z S24.95US $32.95CAN E16.99UK John Deere LICENSED PRODUCT John Deere A. GH. 258 Gilpin sulky ... 110 Human Factor seat, 310 Human Forms, 196 HW 246 HWH. 246 HX tractor. 155 .... 50 Perma-Clutch. 353. 355, 375 Planeer ...

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John Deere shop manual. 16 15 14 15 14 15 14 13 ... Piston ring 10. Spring washers 1 1 . Snap ring 13. Drive shaft 14. Clutch discs 15. Separator plates 16. Clutch hub Fig. 1 AO-Forward clutch pack ... 1 Ys In. Accumulator piston (26) 310 lbs.

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