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128 pages

Honda Engine Swaps

Creator: Aaron Bonk | Transportation - 2007-02-01

Once attached to this special box, the cables can be routed underneath the vehicle, over the rear engine bracket, and finally ... With the clutch system underway, the throttle cable bracket from Place Racing will allow the original Integra throttle ...

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
When it comes to their personal transportation, today's youth have shunned the large, heavy performance cars of their parents' generation and instead embraced what has become known as the "sport compact"--smaller, lightweight, modern sports cars of predominantly Japanese manufacture. These cars respond well to performance modifications due to their light weight and technology-laden, high-revving engines. And by far, the most sought-after and modified cars are the Hondas and Acuras of the mid-'80s to the present. An extremely popular method of improving vehicle performance is a process known as engine swapping. Engine swapping consists of removing a more powerful engine from a better-equipped or more modern vehicle and installing it into your own. It is one of the most efficient and affordable methods of improving your vehicle's performance. This book covers in detail all the most popular performance swaps for Honda Civic, Accord, and Prelude as well as the Acura Integra. It includes vital information on electrics, fit, and drivetrain compatibility, design considerations, step-by-step instruction, and costs. This book is must-have for the Honda enthusiast.  

192 pages

Honda/Acura Engine Performance, How to Modify D, B and H Series Honda/Acura Engines for Street and Drag Racing Performance

Creator: Mike Kojima | Transportation - 2002

How to Modify D, B and H Series Honda/Acura Engines for Street and Drag Racing Performance Mike Kojima ... trim to fit Throttle cable: 90 Integra Clutch cable: Stock Air conditioning: Use Hasport AC bracket with stock AC compressor.

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
The first in a series of books compiled by Sport Compact Car magazine, this authoritative handbook takes on the hot rod trend of import performance. This specialized guide includes the latest how-to advice on every facet of modifying Honda Civics and Accords and Acura Integras.

144 pages

Honda K-Series Engine Swaps, Upgrade to More Horsepower & Advanced Technology

Creator: Aaron Bonk | Transportation - 2014-07-15

Clutch. Hydraulics. If 1988–1991 Civic, CRX, and 1990–1993 Integra K-series engine swaps differ from later-model chassis in any way, it's in their ... Finally, connect the car's original clutch cable to the Hasport bracket's cable mechanism.

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
The Honda K-Series engine was introduced in 2001, replacing the B-Series as the engine of choice for Honda enthusiasts. These new K-Series engines are the most powerful stock Honda/Acura engines you can get. They featured new technology such as a roller rocker valvetrain, better flowing heads, and advanced variable cam timing technology that made these engines suddenly the thing to have. And that's where the engine swappers come in.In Honda K-Series Engine Swaps, author Aaron Bonk guides you through all the details, facts, and figures you will need to complete a successful K-Series swap into your older chassis. All the different engine variants are covered, as well as interchangeability, compatibility, which accessories work, wiring and controls operation, drivetrain considerations, and more. While you can still modify your existing B-Series, dollar for dollar, you can't make more power than you can with a Honda K-Series engine.If you have an older chassis and are looking for a serious injection of power and technology, swapping a K-Series engine is a great option. Honda K-Series Engine Swaps will tell you everything you need to know. 

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