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Motor Age

Automobile industry and trade - 1909

COnStruction of Clutch The clutch is pressed into engagement by the concentric coil spring, S2, and the reaction is taken by a ball thrust bearing, T1. ... The transmission gear is of the selective type, with three forward speeds, giving direct drive on high M O TO R A G E speed brought about by sliding the internal gear, G1, into mesh with the teeth of the pinion, G2. ... The primary shaft, S1, is a square and the sliding gears are, like the fixed gears, hardened and of a shape to stay put.

The Autocar

Automobiles - 1906

A5, intermediate driving wheel C. fi'st speed driven dutch Cr, first speed and reverse driving clutch D. first and second ... second speed driven wheel B. primary gear shaft maximum efiiciency and quietude, minimum wear and tear. and the ... The dotted line X shows the second speed wheel A3 about to take up the load when the direct drive clutch D, is in its neutral position. ... G, is the reverse pinion, which engages with the first speed wheel A, through an intermediate pinion G2 (fig.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Patents - 1928

In variable speed gearing, a primary shaft, a secondary shaft, a plurality of pinions fast on said primary shaft, a planetary cage, ... said lay shaft, an auxiliary clutch mounted on said lay shaft, a direct drive clutch between said primary shaft and the reverse member, and means ... 251— -G2.) 1. A valve, comprising a casing forming a valve chamber having valve ports and valve disks cooperating therewith, ...

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