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1632 pages

Automotive Service: Inspection, Maintenance, Repair

Creator: Tim Gilles | Education - 2015-01-01

Air-conditioning high-pressure switch Engine Figure 20.27 An electric cooling fan system. function so that the battery will not run ... Fan. Clutch. A fan clutch reduces horsepower requirements (Figure 20.28). Fan clutches are found especially ...

Publisher: Cengage Learning

About this book
Featuring three new chapters on hybrid and electric vehicles, this fully updated 5th edition of AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE: INSPECTION, MAINTENANCE, REPAIR helps students develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in a range of automotive careers. Known for its clear explanations and high quality art, this best-selling text covers all eight major course areas of automotive technology, from an introduction to shop management to theories of vehicle systems operations with step-by-step procedures for trouble shooting and repair. Technically reviewed by instructors and industry experts and reflecting the latest NATEF Automobile Program Standards, this edition is ideal for students enrolled in NATEF-accredited programs.Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

101 Projects for Your 1964 1/2-1973 Mustang

Creator: Earl Davis Diane Perkins-Davis |

Time: 1 hour Tools Needed: Open-end wrenches, screwdrivers, ratchet ond sockets Talent: tfVtv Applicable Years: 1964'/2-1973 Cost: 565 Part Required: Fan clutch Tip: This is probably one of the easiest and least expensive modifications to ...

224 pages

Corvette 1968-1982 Restoration Guide, 2nd Edition

Creator: Richard Prince | Transportation - 2011-08-01

The five-blade fan differs from those seen in non- air-conditioned cars in that its blades are pitched at a more severe angle. All 1968-1969 Corvettes came with a viscous drive fan clutch. As shown here, the clutch was mounted to the water ...

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Fan clutch - Wikipedia
A fan clutch is a thermostatic engine cooling fan that can freewheel at low temperatures when cooling is not needed, allowing the engine to warm up faster, relieving ...

introduction 2 pre-installation 3 preventive maintenance 3 vehicle preparation 3 every 25,000 miles 4 fan clutch removal 5 repair kit installation 5 installation 8

BorgWarner Fan Clutch 1090-09750-01
BorgWarner Fan Clutch 1090-09750-01 - Worldwide | 800-525-0164 - +1-313-842-4616

Fan Clutch Diagnosis - Engine Cooling System
What is the Fan Clutch? The fan clutch is a coupling device that is located between the water pump shaft and the fan. The fan clutch is designed to ...

Hayden Fan Clutch Operation & Trouble Shooting
338 Hayden Fan Clutch Operation & Trouble Shooting The Fan Clutch is a component of the cooling system that varies the fan speed to meet the cooling needs of the


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Fan drawing clutch

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