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260 pages

John Deere Snowmobiles, Development, Production, Competition and Evolution, 1971-1983

Creator: Ronald K. Leonard, Richard Teal | Transportation - 2014-01-24

The drive belt was the first major component that needed to be corrected, as it caused the most customer complaints. Since most ... All of the bushings in the Comet clutch were later changed to Rexnord's PTFE material. Another major cause of ...

Publisher: McFarland

About this book
Long respected as a manufacturer of sturdy agricultural machinery, the John Deere Company began in the 1960s to build a line of consumer products in a dedicated factory in Horicon, Wisconsin. Starting with a lawn and garden tractor in 1963, Deere soon entered the fast-growing snowmobile market, introducing two models in 1971. The next 13 years would see a succession of models as Deere vied against tough competitors in a weather-dependent market. This detailed history, written by two key participants in the snowmobile program, describes the development of John Deere snowmobiles from start to finish: the design and engineering decisions that shaped each important model; reception of the snowmobiles by consumers; the factory race teams; the introduction of front-engine and water-cooled models; the process of selecting engines and negotiating with suppliers, including when problems developed; and the snowmobiles' impact on product engineering. The text provides an inside view of Deere's Consumer Products Division at a time of rapid growth, and of the people and processes that made it all happen.

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The “ Comet ” Colliery Conveyor Belt-jointing System fulfils all these conditions and more because it serves equally as well on general ... A slipping clutch is included in the transmission attachment to provide complete safety for the operator.

Automobile Journal


The Imp, Comet, Merz and Packet are true cyclecars, under the definition of the Cyclecar Manufacturers National Association. ... engine. with bore of 3.5 inches and stroke of 3.675; expanding ring clutch, planetary transmission and V belt drive.

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