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128 pages

MG/A-H Midget/Sprite, Your Expert Guide to Common Problems & How to Fix Them

Creator: Terry Horler | Transportation - 2012-07-01

Hydraulic fluid leakage The fluid in the master cylinder should be checked regularly, and any noticeable or rapid loss of ... Combined master cylinder problems The combined brake and clutch master cylinder is provided with adjustment of the ...

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

About this book
That a vehicle born in the late 1950s and ending production in 1979 would still be owned and driven today was way beyond the expectations of the original manufacturer. Hence, today's Midget and Sprite owner needs to be aware of the special problems that can emerge through continued use. Just how do you look after and maintain a vehicle built last century? This book helps you identify all the things you need to be aware of to avoid trouble. The shortcomings, the odd funny noise, that little something that just does not seem quite right ... here, we sort them out. The book systematically describes all the main components of the Midget/Sprite, and details what can go wrong with each. Being able to identify simple warning signs can keep you ahead of a big repair bill – and possibly save you from being stranded at the road side.

176 pages

MGB & MGB GT - Your Expert Guide to Problems & How to Fix Them

Creator: Roger Williams | Transportation - 2013-10-28

You can now see the three components which need inspection: the cross hole in the top of clutch pedal, the clutch master cylinder's fork and the clevis pin that goes through these parts. If each of these three components is worn by say 1mm  ...

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

About this book
 First book in the exciting new Auto-Doc series from Veloce Publishing.With Auto-Doc the doctor's on call 24-7. Your very own expert on all the MGB's common faults and foibles - and how to fix them.Establish quickly by , sound, vibration, appearance or smell what fault a symptom represents and how serious the problem is.The essential companion for all owners of MGBs & MGB GTs (except V8 models).Prepared in association with the MGOC (MG Owners Club).

668 pages

Today’s Technician: Manual Transmissions and Transaxles

Creator: Jack Erjavec | Technology & Engineering - 2010-01-22

This problem may be caused by swollen cup seals or contamination in the master or slave cylinders. ... If the clutch fails to engage when the clutch pedal is released, check the pedal and release assemblies for binding or improper adjustment ...

Publisher: Cengage Learning

About this book
Updated to include the latest developments in the field, TODAY'S TECHNICIAN: MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS AND TRANSAXLES, 5E covers a wide range of must-know topics including dual clutch systems, various limited-slip differential designs, six-speed transmissions, diagnosis and servicing new systems and self-shifting manual, while still addressing the foundational basics like the purpose and major components of the transmission system and subsystems. Divided into two volumes, the Classroom Manual presents system theory and addresses cognitive objectives, and the Shop Manual covers hands-on service and repair tasks , addressing performance objectives. TODAY'S TECHNICIAN: MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS AND TRANSAXLES, 5E features detailed full-color photos to walk the reader through what to expect when they perform a procedure on-the-job. Likewise, the book stresses the importance of safe work habits -- dedicating a full chapter to the topic. Finally, the textbook includes all of the information required to successfully pass an ASE exam for Manual Drive Trains and Axles.Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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