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208 pages

Swygert, Growing Up in the Middle of Nowhere in a Little Town Nobody Ever Heard of

Creator: Jeffrey Harold Utterback | Humor - 2011-10-31

Each day, Frazier Thomas played a new episode of a serial cartoon known as, The Adventures of Clutch Cargo with his pals Spinner and Paddlefoot. It was a strange, cheaply ... I will never forget the theme song. We have a company, That you ...

Publisher: iUniverse

About this book
Growing up in a tiny rural town may not be appealing to everyone, but in this collection of short stories, author Jeffrey Harold Utterback shows that he can at least laugh about it. Each chapter is a stand-alone tale that provides a whimsical look at what life was like for a small-town boy growing up in the middle of nowhere. Utterback is a natural story teller. He welcomes the reader into his unusual world as his boyhood adventures and misadventures are brought to life on the page. The agricultural backdrop provides a unique canvas as the author lovingly uses the quirks and idiosyncrasies of his friends and family members to paint a picture of the big experiences he enjoyed in his little town. Peppered throughout are fond recollections of the features in his home-town which were a mischievous attraction during his childhood. Utterback describes from a boy’s point of view—the details of the doghouse, the secrets of the cemetery, the routine of the railroad, the goings-on at the grain elevator, the etiquette at the elementary school, the formality of the 4-H Club, the art of bicycle maintenance, the science of burning garbage, and the complete desirability continuum of those highly valuable telephone pole insulators. Enjoy the ride as Utterback invites you along for a reality-inspired journey into his small-town boyhood of the 1970s.

531 pages

Within the Warrior, There Lived a Broken Child

Creator: George Kakaletris | Biography & Autobiography - 2007

... they never kept their promise when they would say "We're gonna teach you to fly high” as their opening theme song said. ... morning weekday specials before I left for school like, Ray Rayner and friends, Garfield Goose with Clutch Cargo.

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

About this book
The book chronicles the events behind the breakdown of a marriage and how those events were based on a way of thinking founded on childhood tragedies and experiences. The work also chronicles the impact of those tragedies upon loved ones and friends, when the help necessary for liberation from a life of tragedy through proper counseling was not sought. Recorded within the book, is one man's struggle for redemption and reconciliation, of all that he lost or threw away, once the decision was reached and sought to bring an end to everything around him through a cycle of self-destruction. A cycle that was brought to a culminating point, on the modern day battlefields of Iraq.

The Michigan Journal

Dearborn (Mich.) - 2002

The group also played the theme song they did for professional wrestler Chris Benoit, titled “Whatever.” While singing their hit “Starseed” Off the ... will also be appearing on Saturday Night Live Oct. 19. Venue Information Clutch Cargo's Cobo ...

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For those that have never seen an episode of Clutch Cargo, this is the cartoon that inspired the people at Late Night With Conan O'Brien's TV gag. You know

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Clutch Cargo Theme Song Once again...Click on the heading to follow the link. Favorite Cartoon from a long time ago.. I suggest you search Clutch Cargo on ...

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Theme music composer: ... The person in the Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion can be heard humming the theme song, ... The Story of Clutch Cargo; Clutch ...

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