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249 pages

The Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television

Creator: Ted Okuda, Jack Mulqueen | History - 2004

These four-and-a-half minute cartoons were patterned after old-time movie serials and ended with a cliff-hanger, as anvil-jawed hero Clutch Cargo (voiced by tv announcer Richard Cotting), youthful companion Spinner (voiced by Margaret ...

Publisher: Lake Claremont Press

About this book
There was a time when every television station in Chicago produced or aired programming for children, and this book discusses the back stories and details of this special era from the people who created, lived, and enjoyed it, such as producers, on-air personalities, and fans. This compendium describes how from the late 1940s through the early 1970s, local television stations created a golden age of children's television unique in American broadcasting and how the FCC changed the regulations governing the relationship between sponsors and local programming in 1972, effectively bringing the genre to a close since the programs operated under strict budgetary constraints. The story of this chapter in television history show the richness of imagination and inventiveness of children's programming and the devotion of the fans. Featured shows include Bozo's Circus; Garfield Goose; Kukla, Fran, & Ollie; The Mulqueen's Kiddie-A-Go-Go; Ray Rayner and Friends; and Super Circus. "Today, we can be nostalgic about the passing of great local children's fare such as Bozo's Circus . . . and Garfield Goose. However, I believe that today's children have more and better choices in programming . . . . What is missing is the localism, the heart and soul that emanated from these and other programs. Economics, regulation, and expectations for what a program should look like have altered children's television forever. As you read this book, perhaps you will not only find memories or curiosities from a bygone era, but inspiration to create children's television for today's audiences. A pie in the face is still funny, kids still like to dance, and the last time I looked, you could still buy six buckets and nail them to a board and call it a Grand Prize Game."—from the foreword by Neal Sabin, WCIU-TV, Chicago Behind-the-Scenes Stories of the Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television as Told by the People Who Lived It At one time every station in Chicago—a maximum of five, until 1964—produced or aired some programming for children. From the late 1940s through the early 1970s, local television stations created a golden age of children's television unique in American broadcasting. Though the shows often operated under strict budgetary constraints, these programs were rich in imagination, inventiveness, and devoted fans. The mere mention of their names brings smiles to the faces of Midwestern Baby Boomers everywhere: Kukla, Fran, & Ollie, Super Circus, Garfield Goose, Bozo's Circus, Mulqueens' Kiddie-A-Go-Go, BJ & Dirty Dragon, Ray Rayner and Friends, and a host of others. In 1972 the FCC changed the regulations governing the relationship between sponsors and local programming, effectively bringing to a close this chapter of television history. What Chicago kids' show had American Bandstand host Dick Clark dancing on T.V. for the first time ever? Why did one have to wait months and, more often, years to get tickets for Bozo's Circus? Which very popular and successful host never wanted to do a children's T.V. show? Who really made the puppet Garfield Goose (you may not have known it was a mystery)? Remember the talent that bit the head off a parakeet on live TV and the shocked emcee's reaction? What sent television executives into a quandary when Kiddie-A-Go-Go went on the air? Which show was almost forced off the air because a giant soft drink company opposed a so-called rival's use of the word sip? Now, discover the back stories and details of this special era from the people who created, lived, and enjoyed it—producers, on-air personalities, and fans.

352 pages

TV Guide: TV on DVD 2006, The Ultimate Resource to Television Programs on DVD

Creator: TV Guide | Performing Arts - 2005-10-01

The Ultimate Resource to Television Programs on DVD TV Guide. Clutch Cargo 1 . Clifford the Big Red Dog: Clifford Saves the Day/Clifford's Fluffiest Friend Cleo Discs: 1 Run Time: 90 Episodes: 8 2. Clifford the Big Red Dog: Happy Birthday, ...

Publisher: Macmillan

About this book
The Ultimate Resource for Your Favorite TV Shows on DVDFrom TV Guide®, the most widely recognized, trusted, and valued source of information on all things related to television, here is the most comprehensive guide to TV shows available on DVD. You'll find all the information you need to rent or buy episodes of your favorite current shows or timeless classics, and it will help you to discover new TV DVDs to watch or collect.Whether you're hooked on vintage sitcoms or crime-show classics, if you're a TV lover you'll love this book. No one knows television better than the editors of TV Guide®, and now they have put thousands of shows on DVDs at your fingertips. From long-running legends to short-lived gems, as well as miniseries, family favorites, musical specials, children's programming, and much more, you'll find:· Complete information for more than 2,700 DVDs, including show premise, cast, number of episodes, run time, number of disks, and extra features· Recommendations from the Editors of TV Guide® for must-have DVDs, including the 50 Best TV Shows Available on DVD · Exclusive TV Guide® lists, from "Top 10 Sleepers" to "20 Funniest TV Moments" to "10 Hottest Kisses"· TV Guide®'s picks of Classic Episodes - spotlighting the most moving, hilarious, or ratings-busting episodes in television history· Informative indexes - by actor, genre and premiere decade For entertainment buffs and devoted DVD collectors alike, this is a sourcebook to savor.

659 pages

Television cartoon shows, an illustrated encyclopedia, 1949 through 1993

Creator: Hal Erickson | Performing Arts - 1995-08-01

Many of the effects seen on Clutch Cargo were attractive and well above average for 1959 television. The background art by Charlie Christiansen was on a par with a good Sunday comic supplement (and the best of these in 1959 were very ...

Publisher: McFarland & Co Inc Pub

About this book
In 1949 the first made-for-television cartoon series debuted on a major network. Tele-Comics embraced the popular cliffhanger serial genre, using nonmoving comic strip panels and a handful of radio actors to produce a show at a fraction of the cost accrued by a live show. Despite the success of Tele-Comics and a few other such shows, television cartoons languished until 1954 when Walt Disney produced Disneyland. From such pioneers as Tele-Comics and Crusader Rabbit to modern fare such as X-Men and Beavis and Butthead, this is the first reference book to detail animated cartoons made exclusively for television from 1949 through 1993. Each entry includes the shows title, network, studios and full production information when available. An essay blending plot description, critical commentary, and background information is also provided for each cartoon. A discussion of the voice artist concludes the work.

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