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1038 pages

Television cartoon shows, an illustrated encyclopedia, 1949 through 2003

Creator: Hal Erickson | Performing Arts - 2005-07-30

Clutch. Cargo. on Cartoon network beginning in 1994, and Boomerang after 2000. Hanna-Barbera. Produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Creative producer, Iwao Takamoto. Directed by Charles Nichols. Music by Hoyt Curtin.

Publisher: McFarland & Co Inc Pub

About this book
This comprehensive reference to TV cartoon shows covers some 75 years. In the decade or so since the first edition, the industry has grown and expanded to previously unimagined heights, thanks in great part to the upsurge of cable TV services catering to animation fans. In the ten-year period from 1993 through 2003, nearly 450 new cartoon series have premiered in the U.S.Alphabetically arranged by title, the book discusses each cartoon show in detail, providing full production credits and offering commentary on such elements as development, characters, style, and the show's significance in the overall scheme of television animation.The encyclopedia is published as a set of two volumes. Volume 1 includes the preface, introduction, and entries from “A” through “L.” Volume 2 includes entries from “M” through “Z,” the bibliography, and index. Replacement volumes can be obtained individually under ISBN 0786422556 (for Volume 1, $45) and ISBN 0786422564 (for Volume 2, $45).

252 pages

Kritzerland, A Novel

Creator: Bruce Kimmel | Humor - 2003-04-23

After all, you could put a boy's mouth in a girl's cartoon face and who would be the wiser? He sat there, absolutely hypnotized by Clutch Cargo. When the show was over, Minnie came in to collect the soup bowl and asked him how he was ...

Publisher: Author House

American Cinematographer

Cinematographers - 1962

Some ingenious devices that impart the illusion of motion to artwork are used in producing the "Clutch Cargo" cartoons for television. By TOM PICKENS MANY OF THE art backgrounds for "Clutch Cargo" are designed to accommodate ...

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