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Honda CRF Performance Handbook

Creator: Eric Gorr |

Clutch. Kit. Time: 2 hours Tools: Ratchet and sockets 3, 4, 8, 10, 12, 27 mm, Allen socket 8 mm, pneumatic or electric impact ... Five aftermarket manufacturers offer replacement clutch baskets: Barnett, Hinson, Moose, Vortex, and Wiseco.

1698 pages

Cycle World Magazine


Barnett clutch kit All the power in the world isn't any good if it doesn't get to the rear wheel, and a common weak link in power transmission is the clutch. The stock Suzuki clutch is fine for street use and pretty good for racing. but has its limits.

101 Harley-Davidson Evolution Performance Projects

Creator: Kip Woodring Kenna Love |

Time: 1 to 2 hours Tools: Clutch spring tool (3851 5-90 and -91 ) and 1 1/4-inch wrench Talent: Tab: SS Tinware: Barnett Extra-Plate clutch kit, primary gasket, shift shafl seal, Sport-Trans Fluid, and clutch cable 0-ring */ Tip: Don't be tempted to ...

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Barnett Tool & Engineering
Welcome to Barnett Tool & Engineering - Home of Barnett custom cables and clutches.

CHEAP Barnett Clutch Plate Kit 306-90-10075 , SALE! | jvrs4zmn
[SPECIAL PRICE] Barnett Clutch Plate Kit 306-90-10075 Barnett Clutch Plate Kit 306-90-10075 How A great deal Does a License Plate Cost? Vehicle proprietors ...

Norton Products - Barnett Clutches and Cables
MODEL: CABLE TYPE: PART # ACTIONS: Fits Atlas/Commando (69") Speedometer: 101-18-60005: Add to Cart: Fits 40 inch Manx-Atlas, 1961 & later models. Clutch : 101-60-10001

XR's Only
No matter what the passion is, trails or desert racing, XRSOnly stocks premium dirt bike parts for every major make and model. No need to look any further – we’ve ...

Baja Designs EZ Mount Kick Start Dual Sport Kit - Honda ...
Home > Baja Designs EZ Mount Kick Start Dual Sport Kit - Honda XR600R, XR500R, XR400R, XR350R, XR250R, XR200R, CRF100, CRF80, XR100R, XR80R


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