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496 pages

Investigating Internet Crimes, An Introduction to Solving Crimes in Cyberspace

Creator: Todd G. Shipley, Art Bowker | Computers - 2013-11-12

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Publisher: Newnes

About this book
Written by experts on the frontlines, Investigating Internet Crimes provides seasoned and new investigators with the background and tools they need to investigate crime occurring in the online world. This invaluable guide provides step-by-step instructions for investigating Internet crimes, including locating, interpreting, understanding, collecting, and documenting online electronic evidence to benefit investigations. Cybercrime is the fastest growing area of crime as more criminals seek to exploit the speed, convenience and anonymity that the Internet provides to commit a diverse range of criminal activities. Today's online crime includes attacks against computer data and systems, identity theft, distribution of child pornography, penetration of online financial services, using social networks to commit crimes, and the deployment of viruses, botnets, and email scams such as phishing. Symantec's 2012 Norton Cybercrime Report stated that the world spent an estimated $110 billion to combat cybercrime, an average of nearly $200 per victim. Law enforcement agencies and corporate security officers around the world with the responsibility for enforcing, investigating and prosecuting cybercrime are overwhelmed, not only by the sheer number of crimes being committed but by a lack of adequate training material. This book provides that fundamental knowledge, including how to properly collect and document online evidence, trace IP addresses, and work undercover.Provides step-by-step instructions on how to investigate crimes onlineCovers how new software tools can assist in online investigationsDiscusses how to track down, interpret, and understand online electronic evidence to benefit investigationsDetails guidelines for collecting and documenting online evidence that can be presented in court

200 pages

Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works

Creator: Mathew Patterson | Computers - 2010-05-07

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Publisher: SitePoint

About this book
Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works is a step-by-step guide to creating beautiful HTML emails that consistently work. It begins with an introduction to email covering topics such as: how email design differs from web design; permission based marketing, and the anatomy of an email. What You Will Learn:How to design HTML emails that look greatSimple methods to design & test email newslettersBest practice, permission based email marketing tips & techniquesProven strategies for selling email design services to your clientsThe book shows the reader how to plan, design, and build gorgeous HTML email designs that look great in every email program: Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, etc. All-important tasks like legal requirements, testing, spam compliance and known hacks and workarounds are covered.

456 pages


Creator: K. L. JAMES | Computers - 2010-04-10

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Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

About this book
In this new era, the Internet has changed the ways of doing business activities, learning methods, teaching strategy, communication styles and social networking. This book attempts to answer and solve all the mysteries entangled with the Web world. Now in its second edition, the book discusses all the updated topics related to the Internet. Beginning with an overview of the Internet, the book sails through the evolution and growth of the Internet, its working, hardware and software requirements, protocols used, e-mail techniques, various Internet security threats and the methods of using and configuring different security solutions, file transfer methods and several other Internet services with all the details illustrated through live screenshots. Presented in a simple yet engaging style and cogent language, this book will be useful for any course introducing students to the Internet or where the Internet is a part of the curriculum. It will also immensely benefit all those who are interested in developing the necessary skills to use the Internet. WHAT IS NEW TO THIS EDITION : Chapters on Internet Telephony and Web Conferencing, Blogs and Social Networking Inclusion of topics such as Web 2.0, Web 3.0 technologies, IPv6, VoIP, Wikis, SMS and Blogs Detailed features of the newest Internet tools and software applications including open-source, free and cross-platform types Comprehensive and updated Internet dictionary acquainting with the Web world terminologies

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