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224 pages

Art of the Classic Car

Creator: Peter Bodensteiner | Transportation - 2013-09-16

" Featuring the stunning studio photography of Peter Harholdt ("Art of the Hot Rod," "Art of the Muscle Car") and an authoritative text by automobile historian Peter Bodensteiner, this book is as much a true work of art as the automobiles ...

Publisher: Motorbooks International

About this book
The rarity and historical significance of prewar classic and antique cars make them hot commodities on the collector car market. These are the automobiles that populate the fairways and manicured lawns of the world’s greatest car shows in alluring locales like Pebble Beach, California, and Amelia Island, Florida. These are the cars that bring a hush to the hall when they roll across the blocks at auctions around the world. These are the cars that fill the world’s greatest collections, like those of Ralph Lauren, Mark Knopfler, and various members of royal families. These are the cars from history’s premiere automakers: hallowed names like Packard, Duesenberg, Stutz, Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz, Cord, and others—six-figure and million-dollar machines that thrill Barrett-Jackson audiences and drive bidders to frenzy. Art of the Classic Car features the stunning studio photography of Peter Harholdt (Art of the Hot Rod, Art of the Muscle Car), lavished on the most significant automobiles from the classic era: the 1910s to early 1940s. Every page contains framable-quality portraits of some of the most important cars ever made, with each car accompanied by a short essay from automotive expert Peter Bodensteiner that places the model contextually within automotive history. Complete with period ads and promotional art, Art of the Classic Car is the most beautiful pictorial history of classic cars ever produced.

287 pages

Encyclopaedia of Classic Cars, Sports Cars 1945-1975

Creator: Rob de la Rive Box | Reference - 1999-01

Some 150 leading models are covered in this comprehensive reference work, which is full of fascinating details (history of the make, description of the vehicle, technical data, numbers produced, etc.) The informative text is illustrated ...

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

250 pages

Moon Route 66 Road Trip

Creator: Candacy Taylor | Travel - 2016-05-24

At the intersection of East Frontage Road and Old Route 66, continue south on East Frontage Road for Country Classic Cars, located on the west side of the road. After looking at so many classic car props on Route 66, it's refreshing to find that ...

Publisher: Avalon Travel

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Country Classic Cars
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Country Classics
Selling Classics Since 1989! I always say, “When everyone else was buying comic books, I was buying car magazines!” Old cars have always been my passion.

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Country Classic Cars, LLC: About us
Country Classic Cars started as a weekend hobby for a Midwest farmer. He soon found his passion for classic cars and trucks turn into a growing business.


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Automotive Red Classic Car Auto Painting Biz Business Card

flame paint job, vintage automotive, mechanic,
A beautiful classic car that's been completely restored to gleaming perfection. Brilliant glossy red paint against rich black and chrome. A great way to advertise your automotive paint services.
Price: $$27.45

Vintage Woodie Serving Tray | Classic Car

vintage christmas, retro christmas, christmas,
This classic Woodie station wagon mug will spread cheer and Christmas spirit! A winter scene of a family visit to the countryside Christmas tree lot. A caravan camper glows in the distance as snow softly falls on this magical scene.
Price: $$43.65

Town and Country Poster

chrysler, town, country, 1947, 1940, woodie,
Town and Country
Price: $$10.55

Vintage Dance and Car Show Poster

concourse, d'elegance, car, show,
Art Deco style poster for Moonlight Ball at the Summerset Concourse d'Elegance. It is reminiscent of posters and advertisements of the 1920s-1940s. This style incorporates a frosty, spattered airbrush texture with simple graphic shapes.
Price: $$31.55