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1065 pages

The ICU Book

Creator: Paul L. Marino | Medical - 2007

Purchase The ICU Book, Third Edition and visit, which gives you free access to links from references to PubMed, updated regularly; and a directory of Websites handpicked by Dr. Marino.

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

About this book
This best-selling resource provides a general overview and basic information for all adult intensive care units. The material is presented in a brief and quick-access format which allows for topic and exam review. It provides enough detailed and specific information to address most all questions and problems that arise in the ICU. Emphasis on fundamental principles in the text should prove useful for patient care outside the ICU as well. New chapters in this edition include hyperthermia and hypothermia syndromes; infection control in the ICU; and severe airflow obstruction. Sections have been reorganized and consolidated when appropriate to reinforce concepts. Purchase The ICU Book, Third Edition and visit, which gives you free access to links from references to PubMed, updated regularly; and a directory of Websites handpicked by Dr. Marino.

200 pages

A Librarian's Guide to the Internet, Searching and Evaluating information

Creator: Jeanne Muller | Computers - 2003-10-31

It's also possible to do a pure search of just the human-compiled Yahoo! Directory, which is how the old or 'classic' Yahoo! used to work. To do this, search from the Yahoo! Directory homepage, as opposed to the regular home ...

Publisher: Elsevier

About this book
Librarians constantly conduct searches for their customers and for themselves. However the internet and technology are constantly changing, resulting in pressure on librarians to keep up-to-date with how best to use the internet. This guide offers advice on how to use the internet and how to gain the information required most effectively. It covers for example: how to search in order to achieve the best results (strategies, what to ask and examples) and interpreting results (including examples). Importantly, not only does the book show how to use the Internet, but it also links this to perfect customer service - how to teach your customers what you know and how to properly interpret what your customers want.Helps a librarian deliver perfect customer service with confidenceProvides practical tips and hintsWritten by a highly respected and experienced practitioner

267 pages

The Librarian's Internet Survival Guide, Strategies for the High-tech Reference Desk

Creator: Irene E. McDermott, Barbara E. Quint | Computers - 2002-01-01

Yahoo! 's results formerly came from its directory of handpicked entries. That directory is still available at the Yahoo! Search Directory ( Think of it as "Yahoo! Classic." Yahoo! offers a powerful search toolbar that works with ...

Publisher: Information Today, Inc.

About this book
In this authoritative and tremendously useful guide, Irene McDermott helps her fellow reference librarians succeed in the bold new world of the Web. The "Survival Guide provides easy access to the information librarians need when the pressure is on. This handy book features troubleshooting tips and advice, Web resources for answering reference questions, and strategies for managing information and keeping current. In addition to helping librarians make the most of Web tools and resources, McDermott covers a full range of important issues including Internet training, privacy, child safety, helping patrons with special needs, building library Web pages, and much more.

Classic Directory

The Indian edition of this major portal offers local content such as finance, sports, entertainment, news, as well as community and communication tools. Yahoo search ...

How To Switch Back To Old Version Yahoo Mail Classic View ...
2016 Solution! Having slow internet speed? Don't want the YM New Version? Change New Yahoo Mail back to Old Version Classic View without hassle here.

How to Switch to Yahoo! Mail Classic
Here's how to switch from the original, basic/classic Yahoo! Mail to the current version to ensure that you are up to date.

How do I change my Yahoo home page back to classic view ...
How do I change my Yahoo home page back to classic view? My lap top and others still have the classic view. Just not the desk top. This new version will not let me ...

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2018 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 – First Ride Much-loved low-frills tourer receives host of upgrades If you want to get a sense of just how good ...


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