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318 pages

Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!

Creator: Nicholas Carlson | Business & Economics - 2015-01-06

In author Nicholas Carlson's capable hands, this riveting book captures Mayer's rise and Yahoo's missteps as a dramatic illustration of what it takes to grab the brass ring in Silicon Valley.

Publisher: Twelve

About this book
A page-turning narrative about Marissa Mayer's efforts to remake Yahoo as well as her own rise from Stanford University undergrad to CEO of a $30 billion corporation by the age of 38. When Yahoo hired star Google executive Mayer to be its CEO in 2012 employees rejoiced. They put posters on the walls throughout Yahoo's California headquarters. On them there was Mayer's face and one word: HOPE. But one year later, Mayer sat in front of those same employees in a huge cafeteria on Yahoo's campus and took the beating of her life. Her hair wet and her tone defensive, Mayer read and answered a series of employee-posed questions challenging the basic elements of her plan. There was anger in the room and, behind it, a question: Was Mayer actually going to be able to do this thing? MARISSA MAYER AND THE FIGHT TO SAVE YAHOO! is the inside story of how Yahoo got into such awful shape in the first place, Marissa Mayer's controversial rise at Google, and her desperate fight to save an Internet icon. In August 2011 hedge fund billionaire Daniel Loeb took a long look at Yahoo and decided to go to war with its management and board of directors. Loeb then bought a 5% stake and began a shareholder activist campaign that would cost the jobs of three CEOs before he finally settled on Google's golden girl Mayer to unlock the value lurking in the company. As Mayer began to remake Yahoo from a content company to a tech company, an internal civil war erupted. In author Nicholas Carlson's capable hands, this riveting book captures Mayer's rise and Yahoo's missteps as a dramatic illustration of what it takes to grab the brass ring in Silicon Valley. And it reveals whether it is possible for a big lumbering tech company to stay relevant in today's rapidly changing business landscape.

200 pages

A Librarian's Guide to the Internet, Searching and Evaluating information

Creator: Jeanne Muller | Computers - 2003-10-31

It's also possible to do a pure search of just the human-compiled Yahoo! Directory, which is how the old or 'classic' Yahoo! used to work. To do this, search from the Yahoo! Directory homepage, as opposed to the regular home ...

Publisher: Elsevier

About this book
Librarians constantly conduct searches for their customers and for themselves. However the internet and technology are constantly changing, resulting in pressure on librarians to keep up-to-date with how best to use the internet. This guide offers advice on how to use the internet and how to gain the information required most effectively. It covers for example: how to search in order to achieve the best results (strategies, what to ask and examples) and interpreting results (including examples). Importantly, not only does the book show how to use the Internet, but it also links this to perfect customer service - how to teach your customers what you know and how to properly interpret what your customers want.Helps a librarian deliver perfect customer service with confidenceProvides practical tips and hintsWritten by a highly respected and experienced practitioner

267 pages

The Librarian's Internet Survival Guide, Strategies for the High-tech Reference Desk

Creator: Irene E. McDermott, Barbara E. Quint | Computers - 2002-01-01

Yahool's portal page is chockablock with a variety of news, ads, and links to other services. For a clean page ... That directory is still available at the Yahoo! Search Directory ( Think of it as "Yahoo! Classic." Yahoo! offers a ...

Publisher: Information Today, Inc.

About this book
In this authoritative and tremendously useful guide, Irene McDermott helps her fellow reference librarians succeed in the bold new world of the Web. The "Survival Guide provides easy access to the information librarians need when the pressure is on. This handy book features troubleshooting tips and advice, Web resources for answering reference questions, and strategies for managing information and keeping current. In addition to helping librarians make the most of Web tools and resources, McDermott covers a full range of important issues including Internet training, privacy, child safety, helping patrons with special needs, building library Web pages, and much more.

Classic Directory

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