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160 pages

Repairing and Restoring Classic Car Components

Creator: Peter Wallage, John Wallage | Transportation - 2001

How to rescue, repair and restore old components. Indispensable for those keeping a restored car on the road or undertaking an authentic rebuild.

Publisher: Haynes Publications

About this book
Learn how to rescue, repair and restore old components - the knowledge you need to keep a restored car on the road, or to undertake a full rebuild. Unlike with modern cars, classic car hobbyists cannot simply throw away and replace parts when they break. This book will show you basic workshop techniques, such as welding, grinding, riveting and soldering. You will also learn how to adapt new parts to fit old components, and perform repairs on door locks, fuel pumps, distributors, speedometers, and many other complex parts of your collector car. The authors tell you what jobs can be done with basic hand tools, what specialized equipment might be needed, and which jobs need to be sent out to a professional.

925 pages

Mitchell Restoration Parts & Estimating Guide, Classic Cars

Automobiles - 1998

96 pages

How Cars Work

Creator: Tom Newton | Transportation - 1999

Tom Newton guides the reader with a one topic per page format that delivers information in bite size chunks, just right for teenage boys. How Cars Work was the most stolen book at Kennedy High School in Richmond California!

About this book
How Cars Work is a completely illustrated primer describing the 250 most important car parts and how they work. This mini test book includes wonderfully simple line drawings and clear language to describe all the automotive systems as well as a glossary, index, and a test after each chapter. How Cars Work provides the basic vocabulary and mechanical knowledge to help a reader talk intelligently with mechanics understand shop manuals, and diagnosis car problems. Tom Newton guides the reader with a one topic per page format that delivers information in bite size chunks, just right for teenage boys. How Cars Work was the most stolen book at Kennedy High School in Richmond California! Teachers like our title and so do librarians. The History channel, Modern Marvels-2000, Actuality Productions, Inc is using How Cars Work to train staff for a documentary on automobiles.

Classic Directory

Cars Inc - Classic Chevy Restoration Parts
CARS Inc. is much more than a reseller of reproduction parts for Chevrolet cars and trucks: we manufacturer sheetmetal, interiors and more for classic Chevy vehicles!

Disc Brake, Steering and Suspension Products for classic ...
Classic Performance Products,chassis parts for Chevy and Ford cars and trucks. Kits and parts for steering,brakes,suspenion systems

Jerry's Classic Cars & Parts
Welcome to Jerry's Classic Cars & Parts, Inc.! We have been selling 1957-59 Ford parts, new and used, since 1988. We have also been restoration business since 1966.

Classic Cars for Sale, Classic Used Cars, Muscle Cars ...
Post or search for thousands of Classic Cars for Sale and Muscle Cars for Sale.

VintagePartSource Parts and Services for Classic Cars
Vintagepartsource is a directory of parts and services for collector,classic,antique and vintage cars


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Gift Ideas

Old Hollywood Movie Party Invitations

movie pary, old hollywood party, colorful classic
Pass the popcorn! This Old Hollywood Movie Party Invitation will transport you to a simpler time, when gas was cheap, rock and roll was young, and the movie stars of Hollywood's Golden Age shined brighter than the night sky. The design features a drive-in movie theater with the rear view of five, virtually indestructible, retro cars in colors of red, pink, turquoise, jade and yellow. In front of the cars is a giant movie screen, showing a black and white movie, featuring two, star-crossed lovers in hats and trench coats. In the background, there is a grey, picket fence, a row of green, cedar trees, a royal blue sky and a yellow, crescent moon. The opposite side is all ready for you to add your own text and party details. We hope you've enjoyed our feature presentation!
Price: $$2.41

Cheyenne Business Card

cars, trucks, chevy, chevrolet, parts, sales,
Price: $$30.85

Automotive Parts & Service Red Classic Hotrod Car Business Card

automotive business, auto business, auto,
A beautiful classic car that's been completely restored to gleaming perfection. Brilliant glossy red paint against rich black and chrome. A great way to advertise your automotive paint services. Original photograph, transformed digitally to resemble a water color style painting artwork. It was then isolated on transparent background, so you can choose your own card color (adjust text color to suit) Shown on black which really makes the red car and white text stand out to grab your prospective customer's attention!
Price: $$32.75

Honk if parts fall off bumper sticker

trucks, cars, classic, historic, funny, joke,
This humorous Bumper Sticker is perfect for less than perfect cars and trucks. It also prevents people from tailgating you on the road.
Price: $$5.00