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416 pages

The Tube Amp Book

Creator: Aspen Pittman | Music - 2003

Tubes that have matched curves deliver balanced output levels with amp volume setting from the lowest to the highest volume levels. We found ... It is therefore not usually necessary to remove the amp chassis from the wood cabinet. As in our ...

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

About this book
(Book). Already known as the bible of tubes and tube amps, The Tube Amp Book is now even better! This deluxe revised edition contains 40% new material, with a comprehensive A-Z section covering all the great tube amp manufacturers, with histories, photos and information. Brands include Ampeg, Dr. Z, Fender, Gibson, Hiwatt, Marshall, Matchless, Mesa/Boogie, Orange, Vox, Watkins and many others. Features a CD-ROM with 800 available schematic and layout diagrams, from Ampeg to Western Electric, plus dramatically improved design and page layout. The book's technical tips, in-depth electronic specs and explanations, over 350 schematic diagrams, and full-color plates make it a must-have for the legions of tube-tone fanatics. Hardcover with convenient enclosed spiral binding.

80 pages

The Complete Guide to Guitar and Amp Maintenance

Creator: Ritchie Fliegler | Music - 1994

Microphonics After being dropped, hit, and overdriven into oblivion, the little hits inside a tube can work themselves loose. Acoustic energy can find its way back into ihe chassis (combos are especially prone to this because of the proximity of ...

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

About this book
(Book). From the author of Amps! comes an essential survival guide for every guitar player and amp owner. Packed with concise, clearly written tips on troubleshooting and repairs, this guide teaches the secrets of maintenance and fixing it yourself, with straightforward, step-by-step instructions using simple, affordable, readily available tools. The book focuses on the most commonly performed procedures, and contains over 150 photos and insider information from technicians, engineers, and roadies.

545 pages

Tube Amp Talk for the Guitarist and Tech

Music - 1997-12-01

The earth ground on your amplifier is the third prong on an ordinary three prong a.c. (male) wall plug. It is actually connected internally to the device's metal chassis. The wall outlet has that connection going to an earth ground. If everything in ...

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

About this book
(Book). For this follow-up to his popular A Desktop Reference of Hip Vintage Guitar Amps , Gerald Weber has compiled his articles and "Ask Gerald" columns that have appeared in Vintage Guitar from 1993 to 1996. As a special bonus, Ken Fischer's "Trainwreck Pages" from Vintage Guitar are also included. This book assumes that the reader has at least a working knowledge of tube guitar amplifiers, and it will be helpful and interesting whether or not guitarists intend to perform their own servicing.

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