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A French-English Military Technical Dictionary, With a Supplement Containing Recent Military and Technical Terms

Creator: Cornélis De Witt Willcox | French language - 1917

chassis, m., frame; [The following terms relate mainly to the automobile;] a arriere releri, elevated rear frame; d'atterrtssage, {aero.) ... an ad- vanco (e. g., when enemy fire slackens, thus making simpler earthwork possible); souterrain, (in sieges) advance by mining; chemise, f., shirt; (adm.) jacket ... rocket trestle, stand; de latrine, (siege) litrine trestle (seat); de kiajf, v. de manauvre; de manauvre, ( trench art.) ...

263 pages

Tiger!, The Tiger Tank : a British View

Creator: Fletcher | Technology & Engineering - 1986

This number does not fall within the range of normal Tiger E chassis numbers and it would therefore appear that a new band of numbers had been allotted to Tiger E hulls converted to mount rocket projectors. ... of the breech block, while (ii ) is catered for by forming an expansion chamber of 1 Vz inches in depth all the way round between the rifled liner and the jacket, and giving an outlet at the muzzle.

Publisher: Bernan Assoc

Iron Age

Hardware - 1944-04

... Ammunition lgloos --- Machine Gun Barrel Jackets 3rd Antenna Masts –– Machine Gun Feeds 3rd – --> Mounts Ho! ... Sights Aviation Equipment Bridges, Portabl Rocket Casings Airborne Radio Chassis : : Ottooie Rocket Projector Tube : .

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