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Junior dragster chassis rules

Junior dragster chassis rules - Bookshelf

176 pages

Junior Stock, Stock Class Drag Racing 1964-1971

Creator: Doug Boyce | Sports & Recreation - 2012

If you were a fan or participant back in the day, or love vintage drag cars, this is a book you'll thoroughly enjoy.

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
In the 1950s and 1960s, drag racing was an exciting new sport that anyone with a car could participate in. Based on their equipment, the participants' cars were assigned to specific classes. This structure made it possible to compete against others with similar equipment, and for the most talented tuners and drivers to become National Champions and/or World Record holders in their class. This class format encouraged amateur participation on a level never before seen. Drag racing was a popular hobby for many, and their competition vehicles were typically warmed-over street cars that had been strategically upgraded to the limits of their specific class. This made drag racing wildly popular and amazingly attainable. The end of the class structure meant a great loss in the sport's popularity, but these amazing times will never be forgotten. Stock-class drag racing is celebrated in this new book, with hundreds of vintage color photographs showing the way it used to be. If you were a fan or participant back in the day, or are a lover of vintage drag cars, "Junior Stock: Stock Class Drag Racing 1964-1971" is a book you'll thoroughly enjoy.

128 pages

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The lion's share of the glory in drag racing falls to the Funny Cars, once a class derived from altered- wheelbase ... Chassis science has reached a stage of refinement so specialized that 3-time champion Warren Johnson devoted his '97 season to ... Mom's Crown Vic to the tightly structured factory- stock classes with exacting rules and rigorous technical inspections. ... Stratton-powered Jr. Dragster classes starting at age 8 to the full-scale "super" brackets of competition that emphasize ...

175 pages

Grumpy's Toys, The Authorized History of "Grumpy" Jenkins' Cars

Creator: Doug Boyce | Sports & Recreation - 2011-01

This book stands as a full and complete history of Jenkins' career to date as told through his cars, and has been heartily authorized by Grumpy himself.

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
Few men have impacted the sport of drag racing like Bill Grumpy Jenkins. His storied history at the drag strip began in the late 1950s, and continues today. Throughout his career, both innovation and success have followed him closely, and this book documents the long and colorful history of the competition cars that proudly bear the name Grumpy's Toy. Grumpy's Toys: The Legendary Cars of Bill Grumpy Jenkinsstands as a full and complete history of Jenkins' career to date as told through his cars, and has been heartily authorized by the man himself (Jenkins wrote the book's foreword.) Author Doug Boyce has been following Jenkins throughout his racing career, and amassed an impressive collection of vintage photography which is shared on the pages. Through his own knowledge, extensive research, and by working with Grumpy himself, Grumpy's Toys offers readers an unparalleled look behind the man and his machines. This book boasts the largest collection of Jenkins-centered vintage photography ever assembled. Input from Grumpy punctuates the tales behind the now-legendary cars, and author Boyce's fan-friendly writing style entertains. Many myths about both Jenkins and his formidable racing cars have grown over the decades, and this book separates the fact from the fiction. This book is essential for the true drag racing fan.

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A cross between a dragster and a tractor. Actually, there was nothing wrong with gussets, some of the tubing that racers built their chassis out of was kind of thin ...

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