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564 pages

Plunkett's Automobile Industry Almanac 2009, The Only Comprehensive Guide to Automotive Companies and Trends

Creator: Jack W Plunkett | Business & Economics - 2008

The Only Comprehensive Guide to Automotive Companies and Trends Jack W. Plunkett ... Rescue Inc. and Crimson Fire Aerials, Inc. Spartan Chassis is a designer, engineer and manufacturer of custom heavy-duty chassis, including fire truck, ...

Publisher: Plunkett Research, Ltd.

About this book
The automobile industry is evolving rapidly on a worldwide basis. Manufacturers are merging, component design and manufacture are now frequently outsourced instead of being created in-house, brands are changing and the giant auto makers are expanding deeper into providing financial services to car buyers. The skyrocketing price of gas spurs developments in hybrid technology and clean diesel, as manufacturers look for ways to improve fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, all of the biggest, most successful firms have become totally global in nature. Plunkett's Automobile Industry Almanac will be your complete guide to this immense, fascinating industry. On the car dealership side, giant, nationwide holding companies have acquired the best dealers in major markets. Even the used car business is being taken over by national chains. E-commerce is having profound effects on the car industry. Consumers use the Internet to become better informed before making a purchase. Online sites like Autobytel steer millions of car buyers toward specific dealers while the same sites deliver competing bids for cars, insurance and financing in a manner that lowers costs and improves satisfaction among consumers. Meanwhile, auto makers are using the latest in e-commerce methods to manage their supply chains and replenish their inventories. This exciting new book (which includes a database on CD-ROM) is a complete reference tool for everything you need to know about the car, truck and specialty vehicles business, including: Automotive industry trends and market research; Mergers, acquisitions, globalization; Automobile manufacturers; Truck makers; Makers of specialty vehicles such as RVs; Automobile loans, insurance and other financial services; Dealerships; Components manufacturers; Retail auto parts stores; E-commerce ; and much, much more. You'll find a complete overview, industry analysis and market research report in one superb, value-priced package. This book also includes statistical tables, an automobile industry glossary, industry contacts and thorough indexes. The corporate profile section of the book includes our proprietary, in-depth profiles of the 400 leading companies in all facets of the automobile industry. Purchasers may also receive a free copy of the company profiles database on CD-ROM.

689 pages

Plunkett's Companion to the Almanac of American Employers, Mid-Size Firms 2006

Creator: Plunkett Research Ltd, Jack W. Plunkett | Business & Economics - 2006-02-01

Hardware Dev.: Systems Integration: Consulting/Other: Y TYPES OF BUSINESS: Automotive Products, Motors & Parts Manufacturing Custom Chassis & Frame Components Fire Trucks Emergency Vehicles RV Chassis Manufacturing Aerial ...

Publisher: Plunkett Research, Ltd.

About this book
Plunkett's Companion to the Almanac of American Employers is the perfect complement to the highly-regarded main volume of The Almanac of American Employers. This mid-size firms companion book covers employers of all types from 100 to 2,500 employees in size (while the main volume covers companies of 2,500 or more employees). No other source provides this book's easy-to-understand comparisons of growth, corporate culture, salaries, benefits, pension plans and profit sharing at mid-size corporations. The book contains profiles of highly successful companies that are of vital importance to job-seekers of all types. It also enables readers to readily compare the growth potential and benefit plans of large employers. You'll see the financial record of each firm, along with the impact of earnings, sales and growth plans on each company's potential to provide a lucrative and lasting employment opportunity. Nearly five hundred of the most successful mid-size corporate employers in America are analyzed in this book. Tens of thousands of pieces of information, gathered from a wide variety of sources, have been researched for each corporation and are presented here in a unique form that can be easily understood by job seekers of all types. Purchasers of either the book or PDF version can receive a free copy of the company profiles database on CD-ROM, enabling export of company names, human resources contacts, and addresses for mail merge and other uses.

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Swift is the largest manufacturer of custom truck bodies in the country. ... General purpose trucks are sold by the chassis manufacturers, who also produce some of the more common types of special purpose bodies such as milk and bakery ...

Publisher: UM Libraries

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